• This happens with Janas hair all the time. The first time this happened I didn't realise and let him jump on Jana in bed. Only realised after a minute or so....sheets covered in dog shit.

  • Thought there might’ve been a bit of Fox Terrier in there, must be those lovely colours he has.

    Love Jack Russells, we had a bitch when I was a kid and she was a right character.
    We used to keep them with the horses and they were great with them, keeping rodents out the stables, bonding and just being dogs.

  • He’s been a lovely dog, very placid and soppy most of the time and very family centric. He has moments of madness but no where near what I expected from the jacks reputation. It can get a bit embarrassing when he ignores people and their dogs, but he is so cool with kids.

  • heehee. excellent.

    i am not a dog owner either. though it will happen. but looking after a dog this week and have lost my pick it up cherry.

  • L O L

    I love these guys so much. They were running away from a huge German Shepherd who was totally harmless.

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  • Scotty ain't been too fussed with food in the heat, enjoying ice cubes though.

  • So what puppy books would you lot recommend? Vinnie is such a hoover. Left to his own devices I reckon he’d clear a gravel pit (obvz not letting him but he would eat anything).

  • My dog can't read.

  • Cheers (and to @Constable_Savage and @gms ) - I've been experimenting and while haven't found anything he's mad about, i've at least eliminated some stuff he's not at all bothered with! I think he's gradually getting a bit more in to food as he gets older, too. I'm also going to get a rabbit skin toy as he does seem to respond well to praise and toys as rewards.

    Can't believe he's 3 months old now and we've had him about a month! Very much part of the family and seems happy to be here.

  • Definitely try a rabbit skin toy, We use a (Possum tail) toy as a reward for playing fetch with our 7 month old cocker spaniel, spaniels infamously won’t drop the object they’ve retrieved and always want to “trade”, so she fetches the ball and gets to play with the toy for a few seconds before we throw the ball again.

    We also have a hierarchy of treats with cheese / bully stick pieces at the more premium end, the latter smell feral but she goes mad for them

  • Three days of camping and sniffing reindeer turds, very happy dog.
    And he got to take the antler home..👍

  • What a boy!

  • What is this good boy, please?

  • My border/jack loves his antler, recommend to anyone with a dog that likes to gnaw

  • He’s a lapponian herder..
    Yeah he’s awesome.. All the nipping and biting is made up by the face and nose licking. We just did a three day camping trip up north and it was so much fun watching him just being a dog doing dog things full time..

  • Yeah I just realised I asked you what he is the last time you posted a picture too :-D

    Odie is similar with the constant nipping and mouthing, but will also be super affectionate with licks and stuff. He’s getting much better at regulating his bite strength now, luckily. My arm was a bit of a mess a couple of weeks ago!

    How did you find camping? We were pretty relieved after camping with Odie the other week. Just 2 nights but he slept through and was generally pretty chill, considering.

  • Camping/hiking with him is great.. He’s been out on six overnighters/double day hikes so far. When he’s on trail he’s less of a handfull, it’s just to much stuff to investigate/interact with and back in camp hes just happy digging holes and chewing sticks..
    The plan is to get him to associate the packing stuff in smelly backpacks with car rides to fun places from a early age, wich seems to work so far..

  • How do you actually go about the sleeping bit? Ours always sleeps in her crate at home, which would be too big to put in a tent whilst camping. We're also scared of her clawing her way through our mattress if we'd try and make her sleep with us in the tent.

    We're going camping next week and actually arranged for some family to dogsit for the weekend as we thought camping wouldn't work with a 5 month old pup.
    Would be good to get some more insight in to how it's done for future trips :)

  • We took our 7 month old puppy hiking with us and stayed overnight a couple of weeks back, she normally sleeps in a crate at home too and she just slept at our feet, although we stayed in a DOC hut and not a tent.

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  • We used a tipi style tent with no floor so no problems with claws. He was unleashed during the night,He went out for a pee by himself a couple of times but spent the night inside.. He did puncture one of the sleeping pads but that was a easy fix but i might take some ridgerest type pad next time.. And getting one of those dog sleeping bags is on the list to..

    We camped very far from other people so having your dog loose might not work in a campingsite

  • We stayed at a campsite with our pup (3 months old). We were in a bell tent so we had room to bring his crate with us and have him in the tent. He's slept through for a while now so was fine in there till the morning. We had him on a long lead tied to a tree as he's not got reliable recall yet, being so young.

  • Ah, thanks all, makes sense now. A good excuse to look into getting a bigger tent

  • I love how our lad and Spenny-dog have become inseparable.

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  • Good news for German dogs - really gets me the amount of dogs I know around here that get one short walk a day because the owners are lazy fuckers:


  • That's an interesting law. Two hour long walks a day is quite a lot. Not sure our lurcher would be that impressed with that much slow walking, every day. What about the heat, older dogs, etc etc.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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