• Glad op went well good luck with the recovery. Awww the cone.

  • Bless him. Glad the surgery went well. His cone of shame doesn't look too bad but in case it bothers him, we got our foster (now fully adopted) a little inflatable collar when we first got him after he'd been neutered and he much preferred it to the cone. He used it like a little pillow.

  • Is he going to take up bike racing next?

    Get well soon, Murphy!

  • That cone ain’t aero!

  • Good news on the surgery. A word of advice on the cone, if it’s ok - if it’s the kind that is secured with poppers, replace them with zip ties. When my pup had a grass seed removed from his leg, he got the cone off and chewed out the stitches, down to the bone - gruesomely detailed earlier in the thread

  • Oh man, poor little guy! Heal soon.

    We’re currently camping with kids and pup. Odie is making us look good by being the goodest of boys. Apart from taking a shit right outside someone’s tent when I was looking the other way for one second.

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  • They always shit where you don't want them to.
    Dogs and long grass - check him for grass seeds between his toes and pads and of course ticks. Even if he hasn't got a problem now it's worth taking the time to get him comfortable with being checked over.
    Before my sprollie's cataracts completely fucked his eyesight he would go to the step in the garden to be de-ticked if he saw the tick remover coming out. He knew he'd get a treat too.

  • Ah cheers for the grass seed tip - didn’t know about that.

  • That cone ain’t aero!

    Yeah, but chances are all the other dogs with shaved legs have to wear them, too!


  • Game changer!

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  • Mexican hairless? My good friend has one called Huitzilihuitl, or Willy for short.

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  • I'm new to this breed, ticks all our boxes... I've found a local breeder and it looks like we'll be getting one of the next litter!!

    I love them, think they're absolutely gorgeous!

  • Ah man, I'm proper jealous, congrats.

    I can’t say I know much about them, just did a quick google and it seems they come in a few sizes, presume you’re going standard like Willy?

    Found a few more pics on my phone, Willy's dad and some in the shop.

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  • We're gonna go for a mini, easier to train apparently... And they're right on our doorstep which is a bit lucky...

    They're a jungle dingo, JINGO!!

  • At puppy social last week (before the breaking incident) there was an Italian greyhound (who, incidentally was recovering from a broken leg himself)

    They are super cute.
    Lovely nature and sprightly

  • A friend of mine has an Italian Grey
    Has broken its leg twice. Once jumping off the sofa and once just while running in Greenwich Park. Lovely dogs but super fragile.

  • Yeah, I think this one had actually broken 2 legs in its first 6 months.
    Poor sod.
    Didn't stop him from running and being a puppy though (now fully healed)

  • That escalated quick!

  • We've been having this conversation for so long now and haven't been able to decide on a breed we'd both like... Not 100% yet as OH was already making noises about getting a Maltese/Bichon Frise (never gonna happen) only a few hours after saying we'd get the Xolo... 🤷♂️🤯

  • We're currently in Austria doing some climbing. Our friend and guide Gabe has the most awesome.dog. Found this magazine article and thought I'd share it here.

    Have known Da Vinci since he was a pup. He will hopefully be coming out with us on a big day on Saturday. Mustn't let him distract us!

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  • Made sure he'd be happy to rescue us if necessary by providing high value treats. :D

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  • Awesome dog! Love his colouring too

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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