• Good luck keep searching. Inu's are everywhere in HK they are such nice looking dogs esp the black ones. Keep searching the dog will probably choose you in the end.

  • My cousin has a bedlington cross, it's utterly brainless. Fun dog though!

  • Stag horns in the sun

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  • Go on then...

    This is Vinnie our JR cross. About 8 weeks old now. Recently moved to Wiltshire so if anyone can recommend puppy socialisation classes I'm all ears.

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  • Benny (cockapoo but much more on the spaniel side of the mix) is exactly like this as well in almost identical circumstances.

    he's just turned one and we're starting to see slight cracks in his temprement with humans but it's glacially paced changes.

    Unless you have a big family at home I think it's going to be the new norm for any puppies born after this time last year.

    one really promising sign is he was really happy to see the staff at the coffee shop i used t0 take him pre-lockdown and they'd always give him treats and he'd very shyly sneak them from their hand and run off.

    they reopened this week and as soon as we walked up to the shop he got excited and was really pleased to see them and he is much better with them than before, he was licking their hands (they washed them after dont worry) and letting them stroke him under the chin and doing all his tricks much more confidently.

    I think he just needs to keep expanding his circle of humans he trusts until he reaches the tipping point where he assumes they're not going to do him harm rather than the other way around.

  • So our little puppy had a fall from the sofa.
    Previously he has jumped off, fallen off, leaped to the foot stall (and missed) with no worries.
    Yesterday he fell off the sofa and made an ungodly howling noise.
    Emergency trip to the vets last night and a return today, after x-rays it turns out he has fractured his leg, and needs surgery today.
    Gonna cost about £5000.

    Remember to get pet insurance! Glad I did.

  • Remember to get pet insurance

    Always this.

  • Holy fuck. I've heard a few horror stories of that happening but have never actually known it to happen to somebody I know.

    So sorry to hear that. Hope he heals really quickly.

  • Oh man, I hope hes ok and gets better soon!

    (And yeah, glad you got insurance!)

  • Ouch in both senses. Hope the little fella is ok.

  • Just had a call from the vets, surgery went well, he is in recovery and doing fine.
    Keeping him in tonight, calling us tomorrow to go get him.
    Can't wait to see the little pup.
    Only been with us 4 weeks and it's weird without him.

  • What was this book just out of interest?

  • Also, thanks for all your kind wishes for Murphy.

  • New family member. Nikko..

  • Top stuff! Obligatory photos with cute bandages/shaved bits tomorrow.

  • Oh my goodness, what’s is Nikki please?

  • @Oliver Schick thanks for the advice! Weirdly, "Otto" was on our list for new dog names - but looking at the photos there will only ever be space for one Otto on the forum.

    @furious_tiles thanks very much - I have passed the message on as a warning but I think it is hitting deaf ears now that we have met a one week old puppy. Met the mum (more whippet) who seems switched on and very sociable, but only a photo of the dad (more beddlington x whippet) - very photogenic but can't test the intelligence!

    @Stonehedge I hope all is now forgiven

  • @DethBeard glad to hear the surgery went well and hope Murphy will enjoy being back home soon. That is a quick use of insurance - well done for getting it in place so early.

  • He’s a lapponian herder..13 weeks, We are dealing with all the puppy stuff right now but he’s going to be a awesome forest buddy..

  • Mother in the foreground, daughter in the window

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  • Our little dog got a fluoro jacket. His reaction to that was very similar to this video of Booba. (NSFW if sound on)

  • Very handsome. How big do they get? They look kind of German shepherd adjacent, but with a bit of husky chucked in.

  • Yeah a lot of people ask if its a German Shepherd..Around 40-50 cm ”tall” and weight 25-30..

  • Well, here's a fucking depressing read - always make sure your dogs are chipped as early as possible:


  • Here is Murphy with his new haircut and the amplifier.
    Surgery was a success, he is already wanting to run about on the gammy leg.

    Much relief

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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