• I guess we'll just see what happens then, good news is my tolerance for piss and shit has sky rocketed since having a baby!

    That's my concern, every ad I see online just looks so dodgy.

  • Sunday 3h walk with plenty of obligatory water stops

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  • Gorgeous - they look like a right pair.

  • I am so getting a dog.

    But I need to move back to North London, and there will be building works and home improvements for the next 3-6 months. My plan then, is to do all those things and then get a dog after.

    And it will be a Cocker Spaniel, I just love them all.

  • My next door neighbour has a cocker spaniel. He’s a lovely little dude and our kids are obsessed with him. His name is Thibault too, for bonus cycling-related points.

  • Mine are called 'leave it' and 'get here you little bastard', is Thibault French for either of those?

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  • We met our first podenco last week - rescue from Spain? Lovely dogs.

  • I believe it translates more or less as ‘for fucks sake why are you always under my feet?!’

  • Or in the case of 'get here you little bastard', completely ignored of course, 'why, when I am trying to cook are you currently insisting on sitting on my foot?'

  • Have never herd of these just had a read up. They are beautiful another dog on the wish list. One day.
    The thing I was reading said many go to rescue in Spain beacuse they are not included in a protection law beacuse they are "working" dogs so are treated badly.

  • Dog update - arriving tomorrow, touch wood. Massively excited.

  • If I get up from my desk and run to the doorway fast enough then stop with my legs wide apart I can get Benny to come sliding through my legs with about a 90% success rate as he has to be besides me when ever I move so he bolts down off the bed the second I start moving.

    When I go between rooms he'll literally have his nose pressed up against my leg as we walk and in the kitchen I have to look every time I move my feet as he will lay right beside me while I'm cooking and he's silent like a ninja. I'm definitely going to break my neck one day tripping over him.

    In the same way riding a bike has trained me to look over my shoulder every 5 seconds even when I'm walking, I'm looking at my feet every single time I'm about to move anywhere when he's not even in the flat.

  • Again wonderful, thanks.

  • They’re great and made even better by getting to have loads of fun with them then hand them back

  • Ha, I'll pass that on... I love staffies but not sure it'll be a practical breed for us, I'll have to walk it and I won't have the time...

    Lori's cousin has got staffie, I spent most of last Saturday playing ball with her along the riverbank at her uncle's place... She's great fun but bloody exhausting... And afraid of the water... 😂

  • Testing to see if Errol could manage hiking the west highland way. He managed an impressive 13 mile hike before he started randomly lying down.

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  • Awww what a cutie. Ours does that after a long walk. He just velcros himself to the ground. He also does if he doesn't want to leave the park, or the house or anything really.

  • This is Chi-Chi.

    We got him about a month and a half ago, he's a 4 month old Lurcher x standard poodle X.
    (mum was a whippet/greyhound/collie/bedlington mix)

    He's great!

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  • Oh my goodness 😍

    I think if I was going to choose, I’d probably be looking for something like chi-chi. I’ve always liked lurchers and lurcher crosses.

  • ‘Just throw the fucking ball yeah, human.’

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  • I've never felt anything other than revulsion at the idea previously, but if you created an instagram for Chi-Chi I will follow....

  • Ha, yeah same here. Did screenshot doggo pics and whatsapped to wife in next room :-)

  • I sent it over to gf who has put it to the top of our 'small one' list (the dream is a comedy little and large double act, with a wolfhound as the big one) - such a beautiful little thing!

  • Some great pics

  • Loving hanging out in the park early evening at the moment. Still sunny, but cool enough for chasing the ball.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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