• Sorry to hear that @Stonehedge - poor thing. Glad he's mending!

  • We've been fostering a little chihuahua/terrier mix for the last week or so and he's been very docile and chill.

    However, since moving to Los Angeles our own dog has been getting very irate at certain dogs. He used to go to daycare most days so was very used to playing with dogs almost every day. Since moving here, he's been at home with us all day but getting regular walks and going to the dog park, but now we can't go there due to Covid, he's getting even worse. Barking at them when he's on our balcony and can't even see a dog, barking at them whenever he see's them. And he just cannot stop. Totally selective hearing. You can't raise your voice, re-assure him, none of it works. He just loses his fucking shit.

    The pattern seems to be dogs that aren't neutered. He has an incredible sense of smell and can smell them a mile off. If a dog is neutered Buzz probably won't care. If a dog barks at him, regardless of being neutered or not, he will bark uncontrollably. Other than that, he's very well behaved. Not sure what to do. The only thing that works and gets him to stop is Pet Corrector. We've tried spray bottles etc but he'll just carry on.

  • He has eaten (and will continue to eat) many things he shouldn't, yep, he is a lab! It was was actually a cancerous lump that was removed 3 years ago, thankfully no recurrence (touch all the wooden things).

  • There's a word for people like this.

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  • I wonder how our dogs will cope when the lockdown ends? Otto is/was used to some alone time but when I went out for a half hour bike ride yesterday apparently he cried by the door while I was gone even though Jana was still home.

  • We'll need to slowly build it up again for Maurice: 30 seconds outside of the door each day, trip to the corner shop each day, 30mins, 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs.

  • Reggie's loving lock down

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  • Lockdown is Dexters favourite. Sat in the garden on my laptop

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  • He found your massive black buttplug I see.

    Seriously though, what a gorgeous boy. Staffies rule 4 eva.

  • Benny in the sun enjoying lockdown

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  • Sally started vomiting early this am and consistently through the day. Clear/white foam. Won’t eat, can’t keep water down. Has managed short walks, but clearly in quite great discomfort.

    We’re assuming she’s eaten something nasty, as she’s got previous, though not with this outcome, and are waiting to see if she’s ok by morning before calling the vet. Does that sound sensible?

  • Personally, I'd see if there's a vet with an out of hours number you can ring..

  • He had a hell of a job getting it...

  • I agree, if it’s been going on all day

  • Rosie loves it too

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  • Marco loving lockdown life and the sun.

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  • We called the vet last night, their view was just to give her little bits of water at a time and monitor the situation. Didn't seem to think there were indications of anything too serious. Nauseous dogs will drink too much water and throw it up again. She's been sick again through the night, most recently with a few flecks of something else in it. She doesn't seem to be getting significantly worse but also no better, so we'll call the usual vet when it opens and see what their thoughts are.

  • Glad it's not too serious :)

  • Sometimes I wish I was a dog. Although Scout did follow this belt around the farm with a healthy portion of horse shit.

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  • Great fence. Where's the farm?

  • Near Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.

  • Jobs for dog lovers

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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