• Sorry to hear that. As a terrier owner myself, you know whether or not they have the capability to do that in them. Ours does so he tends only to be off the lead around dogs he knows.

    Isn’t there some obligation for the other owner to pay something towards the cost?

  • There would be but I didn't notice the wound until after the owner had left.

    Tbh, I'm not sure if the owner noticed either. The incident appeared to be innocuous at first glance. Hard to believe considering the damage but it wasn't as if it was an all guns blazing fight!

  • Hope your dog is on the mend.

    The owner ought to know what happened if there’s a way you can find him. Even if it’s not for you to ask him to stump up, he clearly needs to do some with to control his dog.

  • Totally, will do my best to trace him although i wouldn't be hopeful.

    He didn't exactly rush off after the incident. I saw him chatting with somebody I know about 50m away afterwards. Talking to him while my dog had a huge wound in his chest didn't feel like the correct priority at the time.

  • Vet just called to say they are operating soon. Sounds like its not a terrible place to stitch but he's going to be on crate rest for several weeks while he recovers.

  • Sorry to hear about Otto. Hope he heals up well.

  • He's home and doing well.

    Wound was so deep it needed internal stitching too. Vet expects it to heal very well. Apparently it is in a "fortunate" location in that regard.

    Antibiotics and painkillers, drain coming out on Wednesday if all goes to plan.

    Thanks for kind words everybody.

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  • Take him swimming, he won't sink, poor little sod.

  • Ha! He really freaks out with a cone of shame hence the double donut.

    We've actually reduced it to one now. He only needs two if the wound is on his rear end.

  • Really sorry to hear this, hope he recovers well. Which painkillers has the vet put him on? X

  • Was the other dog off the lead?

  • HTFU Otto, get well soon.

    Our Border Terrier got bitten on the head last month (ours on the lead, theirs was off), my wife was walking him and it really shook her up so she shot back home. If it were me I’d have lost my shit then taken photos of dog and owner and reported them. Hopefully no long term phycological issues.

  • The bugger is that dogs will fight, often when you least expect it. I am on my 7th and 8th labs and I think one of them might if provoked. Of their ancestors, one was a psycho and the rest were wusses. My cockers are cute looking, yet hard as nails and batter the labs at will. The thing is, other than aggressive dogs, whose owners are frequently similarly so, dog stuff is unpredictable.

  • I'm not usually a squeamish person. Expressing anal glands? No problem.

    Unblocking your dog's blocked chest drain.....groooooooss!

  • How's he doing?

    Re. painkillers - if he's on Metacam, watch out for vomitting and, if you have to take him off, keep an eye on him going for the stitches when they irritate. If he's on Onsior, make sure he has lots of water.

  • He's doing really well thanks. Not even trying to get to his wound, not that he can anyway. Begging for food the whole time and tried to drag me to the park for a walk earlier. He tried to get the neighbours dog to play with him earlier when they met on the stairs on the way to a toilet break. Clearly he's feeling alright.

    The vet warned us that the drain will be, well, draining and to not be freaked out by the amount of liquid unless it suddenly starts smelling bad. Currently odourless.

    He's got Metacam for pain relief. He hasn't had a vomiting problem from it before but will keep your heads up in mind.

  • We are given an additional medication to go with metacam as the painkillers can cause digestive issues but I can’t remember it’s name off hand.

  • WFH break with the dog in the garden

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  • Otto is fully healed after a week and a half. Amazing for a wound that required internal stitching and excision.

    No signs of behavioural issues. Confident and happy around other dogs, even those of the same breed that bit him.

    Such a relief.

  • Forgot to say...the suturing has healed so well it looks like his scar is going to be very minor too.

  • How’s his hair growing back ? Benny had an op last May but still has a patch on his back that’s still bald.

  • Possibly too early to say. The shaved patch is already growing back but a few pieces of scab are obscuring parts of the wound. The parts I can see will have a very thin hairless patch I think. Will have to wait for the scabs to drop off to see if the rest will be the same.

    He had a bite taken out of him by another dog a few years ago. Not as bad as this but that hair never grew back...left a 50p sized bald patch on his butt.

  • Good to hear, they're tough little sods. Don't imagine he'll have much of a duelling scar, Beamish went from this to indistinguishable in 3-4 months.

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  • Fuck me! What happened?

    Makes me feel bad for worrying about this now!

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  • It’s a Lab, my guess would be that it ate something it shouldn’t have.

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