• Our sprollie used to chase his tail particularly when white vans went past. We got him back from the edge of the road if we could and stood between him and the "threat" and only interacted after he stopped. He was never interested in food or treats so his only reward was a "good lad" and a heavy patting (euph). It worked after a couple of weeks of normal walking. You could possibly accelerate it by positioning near a busier road with a suitable escape route so you can both get a breather.

  • He sounds remarkably similar to two cockerpoos that I know. I think that to a certain extent they're just a very excitable breed. Especially when they're pups, obvs.

    Walking along brighton promenade at lunchtime on the other side of the miniature railway there was a couple walking a cockapoo along the beach that was the spit of Benny if he was two years older, it was on an extendable leash and it was literally cartwheeling along the beach in front of its owners, non-stop, the whole way along. Even Benny sat quietly, bemused by the spectacle.

  • I am thinking about getting a pair of Border Terrier pups in the next year or so.

  • The canine equivalent of juggling unstable WWII hand grenades, best of luck! I'm a huge fan of Borders, but two from the same litter.....

  • I think two dogs of any breed from the same litter is considered a no no. They’ll bond with each other rather than the owner, so the received wisdom goes.

  • Or worse still they won't bond with each other. My cocker actively loathes his litter brother who we see frequently, the feeling is mutual, they fight.

  • It seems I haven't done my research right.

  • I would have thought two dogs is enough of a no-no. Certainly a puppy and a six year old is not, in retrospect, a good idea...

  • Nonsense. Two dogs is better than one. I suspect two is the optimum number.

  • Two dogs is the business.

  • N+1=correct doggage.

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  • Got the sour news today that my MiLs dog (who we look after once a week and a fair few weekends a year) has got cancer in multiple places.
    Marvin is a 16 year old Jack Russel / Fox Terrier cross and the calmest dog I've even known.
    Hoping the meds keep him nice and comfortable

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  • Awwww good luck Marvin he looks lovely. Hope he is not I too much pain

  • Harsh news, he looks like a lovely pup.

    gf's dog had a biopsy last week, we had the good news that she's ok.

  • Thankfully he isn't distressed at all, the prompt for a vets visit was his sneezing for the last week or so.

    He seemed to be his normal jolly self on Saturday when we last had him.

    That picture was him peeping me when I was building a Lego set. He kept hiding them looking when he thought I wasn't looking. Very playful of him.

    Thursday will be spent giving him plenty of cuddles and sausage treats.

  • Major issue with my dog this week. He's taken to lunging at cars and growling, it's really intense and stressful.

    I've tried;
    Distracting him with treats
    Slightly tugging the lead prior to the car getting to us
    Telling him to leave/stop/back

    All to no avail. I'm resigned to only walking him around fields to avoid. But I can't avoid cars forever.

    Has anyone had any similar issues? How did you resolve them? I've booked a session with a dog trainer tomorrow, but I can't just £50 very often.

  • Distracting him with treats

    Are the treats tasty enough? Up the ante with some raw steak?

    My brother had this problem with their lab. It only took a couple of sessions with a trainer followed by doing what they said to solve. Hope its as easy for you too.

  • Gah. Walking Otto in the park earlier and a little terrier ran up to him and took a bite out of his chest.

    In hospital overnight for surgery first thing. Looking like at least 25 stiches and a chest drain. Vet bill already nudging two grand.

  • Oh shit. Hope Otto is doing OK. Anything you can sell to help with the bill? What did the other owner say?
    Wishing Otto and all the best.

  • Cheers man. I'm sure he going to be fine. Hopefully just loads of stiches and a couple of weeks of the cone of shame. Picking him up at lunchtime.

    It's so sad because it was seemingly so unprovoked. At least to the untrained human eye.

    No need to sell owt. Paid half to emergency vet last night but insurance should cover the whole whack.

  • Scary really. You can have a good insurance policy for your dog but if anything bad happens you still have to pony up the cash.

    Me ten years ago wouldn't have been able to conjure up a grand. Millions of people can't do that. What do people do if their dog gets hurt out of hours and they don't have cash? Just let them bleed until normal vet hours?

  • Most vets will offer a payment plan.

  • Glad he's OK and the vet bill can be handled. A while ago I had a cat that had to have cancer tests and meds I didn't have insurance so had to sell a bike on here actually :) Most people find a way.

  • Strikes a chord with me. Had to sell some stuff for our cat ten years ago.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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