• Anyone got any tips on how we can stop Ollie jumping and chasing joggers, It seems to be random on who he does this to. I've been out running with him and he's been fine not jumping up at me and just doing his thing. It's only started in the last few weeks and I can't think of anything that would have set this off. When we were training him we would sit at the cafe and watch the park runners so it's not something new to him.

  • My dog used to go mental when let out of the back door hoping to get to the trees and squirrels at the end of the garden. He would screech to a halt from top speed and end with a flourish of a loud bark. This was every fucking time so I got an empty water bottle and put a handful of pea shingle in it. I hid up the end of the garden and signalled to my wife to unleash the dog of war. As he arrived in a spray of topsoil and before the bark I threw the rattly bottle hard onto the ground in front of him and shouted NO!
    It stopped him in his tracks and he hasn't done it since. I only did it once and it was something I'd seen Cesar Millan do to prevent a dog barking at passing dogs at the end of a garden. I'm no expert and people always have different views but your issue could be expensive if it develops into biting or tripping a runner.
    Ideally Ollie needs to have had a good walk/run or whatever so that he's not over excited to start with. I wonder if you could get someone Ollie doesn't know to run back and forth near the pair of you using a leash and do the bottle and shout trick if required. If he's getting too interested take him in the opposite direction and do something else for a minute. If he's not reacting badly to the runner divert his attention before he does and give him a toy/ball/treat. Give him enough slack to be able to react to the runner if he is going to and try and combine bottle, shout and sufficient leash tensioning to keep him from contacting the runner if he does leap. If the runner can try not to react and you keep your attack dog under control it might just work. Reward good behaviour, bad behaviour means you walk him off and away from what he wants to do. Best of luck however you approach it.

  • Did it start with runners running away as this is the usual trigger (excited chasing)? Maurice was awful at this when he was a puppy and used to bark/scare plenty of runners. He then barked at runners coming towards us too (we assumed by association)?

    We did two things: replaced his chasing excitement with something more entertaining than joggers (an Aerobie that flew/flies for miles). We also then got him to sit down when another jogger was coming towards us (before he got excited) and he just had to wait whilst focussing on a treat. Once the jogger went by he got his treat (if he didn't bark) and we went on our way.

    After a few weeks of this he no longer noticed joggers.

  • Joggers have got it coming, just wean your dogs off cyclists and let them have one runner a week. Limit greyhounds and whippets to Olympians to prevent laziness and present a challenge.

  • Colin will have a bark at anything with small wheels. Can be embarrassing when he scares a small child on a scooter or pisses off a wheelchair user. We’ve decided not to correct this behaviour because grown adults on skateboards.

    ^edit - not that Colin.

  • Oh yes it is...

  • We had a few issues with Comet doing the odd runny (very yellow) poo. Turns out it was the dentachews we were giving him - they just tipped him over the edge, very fatty apparently. We ditched those and he's solid again.

  • Dried liver treats have changed our lives in the park. Dog was going deaf whenever he saw a crow or magpie and just legging it (and he is far too rapid to be caught if he doesn't want to be).

    Have gone back to basics on recall with a training lead and coupled with the liver treats he is being good as gold so far.

    He used to be a bit racist too but this seems to have stopped thankfully.

  • interesting. he's been absolutely fine on them for the whole period he settled into a nice solid routine but maybe they build up over a few days and then trigger it perhaps.

    he goes absolutely mental for them unfortunately. he knows exactly when he usually gets one in the morning and will hound you incessantly until he gets it. he then spends 10 minutes whining and urgently carrying it around the whole flat while he looks for somewhere to bury such a high value treasure, bringing it to me and my mum in turn so we can see what an amazing thing he's got. Eventually he gets bored of that and it's devoured in short order.

    if I'm lucky they usually give me just enough time to jump in the shower and get my pants & socks on (a challenging task with a half-grown puppy with a wool fetish on the loose) before he's banging on the bathroom door demanding to know what's going on in there.

    I'll try giving him a half a day instead when he's weaned off the bland diet and if it's improved but not totally gone I'll have to find an alternative, admittedly he's such a greedy shit there'll be other options out there for sure.

  • he then spends 10 minutes whining and urgently carrying it around the whole flat while he looks for somewhere to bury such a high value treasure

    Haha - Comet did this but also kept dropping it as if it were about to go off. Sent him loopy. Well, loopier.

    We've substituted with those thin hard chew sticks made of skin (yum). They aren't as high value but they keep him occupied and they last ages.

  • Must’ve been a good walk this morning, passed out in a pile of Duplo.

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  • Due to working long and erratic hours and my gf having to travel away for work we can’t have a dog of our own.

    Luckily a couple down the road have two Springers and she is 3 months pregnant and he travels away each week, they also have a 3yo son and completely renovating their house.
    This means I take the Spaniels out whenever I can.

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  • I hope you hose them down too! They look so happy.

  • Of course, part of the house renovation is a dog hosing station near the back door (it should be finished in the next week or so.

  • Best dog picture ever. :)

  • This picture gives me so much joy

  • Its a really lovely photo but I'm also very grateful to own a breed of dog that does not like to get muddy :D

  • Probably about zero love for me and 100% love for the stick I’m about to throw

  • Quick Benny pupdate:

    We've got the runny poo thing knocked on the head. Culminated in a trip to the vets as even with stool firming tablets he was going runny as soon as we gave him any dog food with his chicken and rice. vet suggested stick with chicken as protein in dog food if he's ok on chicken and rice, popped into the dog groomers that do their own food line near my mums place as it's all natural and that stuff and got a sample of their chicken based puppy food. introduced it super slow over 2 weeks but now he's back to correct colour, consistency and regularity. we can even give him chicken based training treats again. we also bumped his worming tablets up to the next weight range as he's up to 9kg already at 6.5 months but in general it's such a frickin weight off my mind (and much easier poop scooping on walks).

    puppy biting is improving, i've been working on getting him to sit when he gets excited before he gets overloaded and goes over the tipping point and it seems to be having positive results. he still pulls and nips but it's much improved, i think it's going to sort itself out in due course as he grows tbh.

    socializing is still the big issue. he loves a good bark at other dogs and anyone who wants to pet him while he's at ground level. it's always in good nature with wagging tail and playful stance interspersed with jumping around but he is still too rough and nips when he gets excited so it makes it impossible to have him play "nice" on walks so I have to keep him on a short leash and try to get him to sit and calm down from a distance which works until the other person walks their dog right through his personal space anyways. he will sometimes growl but again it feels like it's more playful than aggression and he's never once "gone" for another dog, he just doesn't know what manners are.

    finding a time/place to have him spend quality time with other dogs in an environment where the other dog owners are understanding that he is still learning is easily proving to be the most difficult and it's really frustrating that the only dogs in the building are yappy little balls of terror or a big mastiff who runs around off-leash and tried to pin benny on the floor to assert dominance the first time they met in the street so now benny goes mental and barks non stop if he even smells where he's marked near the building.

    in general though he's getting much more of a personality and improving his overall behaviours, he will bring toys to play fetch and has started cuddling up when he settles rather than plonking by your feet or just on the floor within eyeline of you.

  • One thing that may help you: don't shorten the lead when people or dogs approach. It is highly likely that he is feeling your concern and thinks that you are frightened, he will then go into protective mode. Talk calmly and reassuringly to him without holding him back, this generally helps.

  • Our first dog is similar. Rarely is he genuinely aggressive to other dogs but very boisterous and has no manners.

    We now send him to day care twice a week. Even though I’m at home all the time these days, it helps with his socialisation. They’ve been really understanding and make sure he takes time out if things are getting daft. We’re really starting to see the benefits when we walk him.

  • He sounds remarkably similar to two cockerpoos that I know. I think that to a certain extent they're just a very excitable breed. Especially when they're pups, obvs.

  • Has anyone's dog ever chased cars?

    Dexter has recently started doing this I think he's suicidal.

    The latest solution is to stop. hold a treat near his face until the cars gone by and I say "leave" it works most of the time, except for really big trucks.

    Is there anything else I should be doing?

  • Also, this.

    The more time your pup gets to play with other dogs now, the more benefits you'll reap in the future. Without doubt the single best decision we ever made with Otto was to send him off with a walker once or two times a week so he could socialise with other dogs more than we could provide.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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