• well how do they?

  • Dog sitters? Large gardens? Work from home? Different shifts in a shared house? OR plain old cruelty to animals..?

  • there's something about espadrilles, skinny jeans in combo with 3/4 length macs that enables them to do it. Lest we forget most of them are "creatives"

  • Mummy and Daddy's credit card. Fair play to them.*


  • guess they're freelancing or bringing the dog to work?

    I'd love a dog, but how safe is it to cycle with one? Unless it's one of these basket cruising fellas

  • Not fair on the dog if you are going to leave it locked up for 8 hours a day. I'd reconsider.

  • Start your own business - easy!

  • Dog in the city.... If you can't take it to work its not really fair (I mean if you are doing 9-5 5 days a week).

    I agree with the rest, if you work from home, are a freelancer, or just want to spend allot on having another person look after your dog 40 hours a week! You can.

    Or just find a job were its okay for your dog to come!

  • Very pleased with London Doggies, they are a company 3 minutes walk from Broadway and so far our wee dogs is very happy to go there.

  • wee dog not dogs.

  • get small dog, install cat flap. job done

  • I have this dream of cycling around with my cats in a basket but if I took them to work I'm not sure what I would do with them at that point. Prob stick em in a drawer.

    When my mum was a young social worker she found a stray kitten, she used to take that to work with her.

    I really want a dog but I'm waiting until I retire from teaching to become a freelance consultant or something awesome sounding, where I can work from home.

  • Very pleased with London Doggies, they are a company 3 minutes walk from Broadway and so far our wee dogs is very happy to go there.

    how much does that cost?

  • Cycle home at lunch and let it out/walk?

  • I recommend a rat! they are great wee pets for the city - mine fetches balls of paper for a treat and you can just put them back in the cage when your bored, job done!

  • Pet rabbits FTW!
    I'd love to share my life with a dog but really couldn't live with the guilt of the little fella being locked up all day... :[

  • I want a dog, but agree with the 'slain. :( Fucking guilt....

  • People are wearing espadrilles again!? God no, will somebody please think of the children.

  • I can totally see you in espadrilles, Skully... Rolled up jeans, Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, splee, etc...

  • Yeah, in nineteen eighty fucking five.

  • Oh, and wearing beads. Totally wearing beads.

  • I refer you to my previous response.

    Yes. In nineteen eighty fucking five. When I had the flawless complexion and boyish charm to carry this kind of thing off.

  • You still got it, baby.

  • I haz espadrilles

  • Actually, fuck that, I wasn't even into that fucking club tropicana thing. I was kind of a Housemartin suedehead clone back then, vintage red DM shoes (read: dead man's shoes), orange tab jeans and a collarless Ben Sherman shirt.

    Anyway Back to the doggies.

    Aren't they cute? I'd like a Border collie one day. When I retire. They're the most perfect dogs.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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