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  • do you remember in the depths of winter we all said how great it would be to snug up someplace and watch bike films with a beer?

    well now every month we have that opportunity, what's more you can help choose the films!!!

    The Lass O Gowrie not only have delicious ales but they also have a snug room upstairs with a big screen that we can watch well ace films on.

    so, i remember last time people wanted to see

    breaking away
    american flyers
    the flying scotsman
    bicycle thief
    bmx bandits
    le velo
    jour de fete

    please vote for the ONE you want to see the most, i have seen them all before but will surely LOVE watching them again..(add any others you'd like to see too)

    (It's of course up to everyone but I am mega bored of watching people do tricks on fixed gear bikes so I didn't include that kind of thing)

    the dates for the screenings are:
    Monday 5th October at 7.30pm: BELLEVILLE RENDEZVOUS
    Even if you have already seen the film "a single viewing can barely do justice to this richly detailed and often playfully macabre adventure." (BBC Film Review)...come and watch it again!
    If you haven't seen it:

    "This animated adventure from Sylvain Chomet is a graphic delight and a triumph of invention. Effortlessly combining slapstick, character quirk and nos."

    "Its plot involves the diminutive, club-footed Madame Souza preparing her orphaned grandson, Champion, to be a world-beating cyclist by personally supervising his arduous training regime.

    During the mountain stage of the Tour de France, Champion is kidnapped by black-suited men from the French mafia and whisked across the Atlantic to the city of Belleville. (Belleville is an amalgam of New York, Quebec and Montreal, and is stunningly designed by art director Evgeni Tomov.) "

    From then on it will be the first monday of the month, I thought monday is good cos no polo or training rides or spokes and also mondays are crappy and so a nice bicycle film of loveliness will help to make the week more bearable:

    **Monday 2nd November: Breaking Away
    "The Italians are coming!" **Dave, nineteen, has just graduated high school, with his 3 friends, The comical Cyril, the warm hearted but short-tempered Moocher, and the athletic, spiteful but good-hearted Mike. Now, Dave enjoys racing bikes and hopes to race the Italians one day, and even takes up the Italian culture, much to his friends and parents annoyance. While meanwhile, the 4 friends try to break away from their townie, Indiana reputation while fighting with nearby college snobs.

    ** Monday 7th December: The Flying Scotsman.
    **In my opinion one of the best films ever made. The Flying Scotsman is a feature film based on the remarkable true story of Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree. In 1993, and as an unemployed amateur, Obree broke the world one-hour record on a bike of his own revolutionary design, which he constructed out of scrap metal and parts of a washing machine

    Monday 4th January: La Course en tete (1974)

    The Greatest Show on Earth - This brilliant documentary film shows the majestic beauty that is the Giro d-Italia Eddy Merckxs Molteni boss wept like a child in the arms of his beaming star who later on in the year went on to win cyclings magical triple crown when he won the Tour de France and the World Championships Experience the riders anguish and joy/the organizers difficulties and the adoring tifosis passion With stunning cinematography this epic film goes inside the Giros heart and soul from its opening sequence of the Pope blessing the riders through to the majestic power of Merckx Be amazed by his awesome battle with Gimondi to win his fifth Giro by a mere 12 seconds to equal the record held by Alfredo Binda and Fausto Coppi La Course en Tete - This outstanding film follows Belgian cycling star Eddy Merckx at the peak of his career through Europes best races

  • Sounds good. Can you add A Sunday in Hell as I've still never seen this.

  • nes: the flying scotsman

  • yeah ronnie but we showed it at the last festival so can we leave it til a later date as quite a lot of people cam to see it so maybe they wouldn't come again so soon??? though i could watch it every day...

  • Have you got a copy ?

  • blade runner

  • have you got Blade Runner Nes?

  • Have you got a copy ?


  • there is the "les triplettes de bellevile"

  • yes there is, there are many films with bikes in them... but is that your vote to watch on the night?

  • Moonraker.

  • Full Latex Jacket

  • Saving Ryans Privates

  • You're a cunt.

  • Rad.

    Go Cru Jones.

  • watch ride its awesome

  • Should that read:

    Watch Ride, its awesome

    Punctuation and grammar can make such a difference.

    Also wtf is this Ride film?

  • it's

  • it's

    Quite right.

    You great big pedant.


  • A new monthly event starting on Monday 5th October and continuing every first Monday of the month

    Every month we shall screen a different bike film including documentaries such as A Sunday in Hell, movies such as Breaking Away, The Flying Scotsman, Quicksiver, the bicycle thief...and many more! We shall also show a couple of locally made short bike films every month before the feature film.

    Monday 5th October, 7pm Bike Film Night at the LassO Gowrie Pub (upstairs)
    The Lass O Gowrie not only have delicious ales but they also have a snug room upstairs with a big screen that we can watch well ace films on.

    For the first screening in October we shall be showing the glorious Belleville Rendezvous + some locally made short bike films.

    If you have a short bike film that you would like to be screened please get in touch.

  • will there be road to roubaix one week?

  • yeah if you want there to be. i have it.

  • dunno how we will pick the film..maybe a vote on the film night to choose the next months movie? or maybe i could start some online poll or something, but noone ever really responds to those or they turn into some sort of highly amusing joke. see above.

  • I'm stoked for this! I can't wait for the Obree flick.
    Are we going to keep the bikes inside, or chain to the railings opposite the Lass?

    We people are up for a little walk, there's a really tight lockup next to the North Campus security hut opposite Retro Bar which is manned 24 hours, and it's under the railway arches so dry too. Perfect for securing our fabulous metal fixie skidders.

  • ET?

    (extra testicle)

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MCR mechanics and fixing

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