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  • its brompton

  • Oh right. So it's one of those contrary statements.

  • Most of the aliexpress ones look quite big and heavy looking. Do like this tho as it's sort of got Honda Rukus vibes

    This is for my dad who's currently weighing up three options:

    1. Another standard Brompton
    2. An electric Brompton
    3. An ebike

    Storage is a huge factor as it has to go in the hallway, which isn't that wide. The bike also has to go up a small set of outdoor steps, so can't be too heavy to lift.

    My gut says that an eBrompton would be the best. But £3k! Especially vs £600-800 for a standard one. But the go bikes look like quite a good middle ground between all the options. Although they're not cheap either.

  • Could you get a Brompton and a Swytch kit (or similar)?

  • Irl how easy is it to fold and how compact is the G4? Do you normally bother?

    (I'm struggling to find non-promo images of it folded)

  • I was wondering about that, but they're around a grand anyway and then you've got the fear factor of the non-e forks.

    Also ease of servicing is a big one, and I don't want to tie myself into sorting out a DIY job. Idk what bikeshops views are on servicing something like that.

    I'd be tempted for myself tho.

  • Fold is super easy - quicker than a Brompton. Just 2 big clips to undo, fold in half and drop the bars down. A little rubber bungy keeps it together. Where it loses out to a brompton is the seatpost doesn't drop. To go fully small you take it out and slide through the rubber strap.
    We rarely do that. With the seatpost in it rolls along very nicely.
    It's significantly bigger than a brompton though (bigger wheels for a start) and no folding pedal. But it fits in the small boot of our Zoe fine. Less twitchy more normal ride feel.
    If you want I can take a pic of the two of them folded side by side later.

  • Tried both of these yesterday alongside a Benno boost and they were dreamy. Any reason not to go for the multicharger (bigger one) assuming same price?

    Next mayoral election I’m running on a mandatory car for ebike scrappage scheme.

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  • I've had that bike, now @Mikey5000 owns it, its great! The only reason I got rid was high standover height for my partner.

    Any reason not to go for the multicharger (bigger one) assuming same price?

    I'd look at accessory ecosystem.

  • That would be really helpful if you could.

  • How do we feel about Vanmoof bikes? Appreciate they look very marmite.

  • they seem great if you dont need to haul stuff/kids tbh

  • I hear they're virtually unstealable :')

  • Here you go. To make the g4 more like for like, imagine with saddle/seat post tucked down in the middle. (also ignore the g4 saddle - not stock).

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  • I had a Gocycle G3 which was great. Really fun to ride and the design is just a world ahead of all the other e-bikes I've seen. I've now got the electric Brompton, but I really miss being able to change a flat without taking the wheel off, or not having to oil the chain. It's just such a well thought out bike, the maintenance free part is outstanding.

  • Yeah it's great. The new big volume tyres are fun. Predominantly my wife's but I use from time to time and really enjoy it. Such fun up the big hill home.

  • I've still got a set of tires around somewhere in a bike box if you want them? And some 20" tubes.

  • I bought my mum one of these. It is a brute but served a purpose (low step through and low handlebars) It also has a 500w motor and some good poke.

  • Tried both of these yesterday alongside a Benno boost and they were dreamy. Any reason not to go for the multicharger (bigger one) assuming same price?

    If comparing the Boost and the Multicharger - Benno offers better accessories in my opinion, but they can be dodgy to source. Bit of a toss-up.

  • Like most bikes that look like they lept out of the portfolio of an industrial design undergrad - they prioritize aesthetics and due to the use of proprietary systems and componentry that can sometimes make having them serviced outside of a Vanmoof dealer a pain in the ass.

  • Liz has a Gazelle Miss Grace eBike and it’s great, but the front light is a bit temperamental. So I’m thinking of changing it for something a bit brighter/better rather than just fitting a new standard one. It’s got a Bosch mid motor and a 300ah battery. Anyone have any ideas where I should be looking for a suitable light? Oh I’ve got £60ish to spend. The stock one is £11.99 :)

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  • Think I’m gonna get a multicharger. It’ll be the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased so def not a flippant decision. Am I missing other good options?

    Tried the benno but for a similar price it felt Less sturdy and well made.

    Can’t fault the functionality but I do wish the multicharger wasn’t quite so deathstar-esque. Maybe a pink frame bag will solve that.

  • If you found the Boost lacking, anything else I can think of in the mid tail department probably won't impress you.

    The Multicharger is a cool bike and just swapping in some colored pedals and grips will do a lot to liven it up. Also stickers if that's your thing; not enough people put stickers on R&Ms.

  • iOS reminded me of this

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Electric bikes

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