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  • The high speed "pedelec" bikes like a Stromer ST2 and up, or basicly anything that goes faster than 25km/h or has more than 1000W motor do require a number plate, valid licence and helmet. They also fall under the same legislation as moped/motorbike with 50cc/4Kw combustion engines, so not allowed on cycle lanes.

    I do like them on the Scheldt canalpath blasting full speed so I can tuck in behind them.

  • It was cycling into Antwerp from Ghent on tour I first encountered a high speed pedelec, the gentleman was on the bike path and zooming along but paused for a chat as I pootled along at 16mph on my none-e bike. As he was using the path i assumed the Belgians had different rules (saw quite a few HS bikes on bike paths) he also had a tiny little number plate rather than an A4 sized one like you would be required to fit in the UK.

    Bosch high speed is 350w so not sure how that fits in.

  • R and M bikes are available in uk with the euro spec 45kph top speed as well as the UK spec 25kph.
    Not sure if they make you sign a disclaimer to say your not using it on public roads.

  • This I guess I hadn't thought about, as it goes over its cut off the increase in effort you have to expend to carry it any further is very noticeable.
    Yesterday was pedaling bullitt around on the flat at 20 (4mph beyond governer) no problem, getting beyond 20mph the brick like aerodynamics have an affect.

  • Really? How?

    I have a R&M Tinker - any way I can unlock it retrospectively?

  • how much for your leccy bike

  • As in to buy it from me or how much it cost me?

  • buy it from me


  • Don't think i'm selling - even if we move, i'll use it to get into Cambridge etc.

    You'll be the first to know if i am though...

  • Yes, I work for a R&M dealer so am aware of this. We can order the bikes, and sell the bikes. It is the customers responsibility to register the HS model as a vehicle and tax/insure etc. We talk most customers out of them, not really appropriate for their use anyway. (Old men riding on British bike paths)

    If you want a HS and willing to sign a disclaimer I can do you a forum discount. (Based up north though)

    I personally would like a HS for commuting in summer (60 mile round trip) but not sure if can be bothered with the admin and not sure I want to run it illegally.

  • best ebike for ~£1ooo at the moment?

    colleague is asking me as the designated office bike guy but i haven't really kept up with ebikes

    is the Dawes Swift any good?

  • A colleague is looking to shift this. I checked it out and it’s in mint condition, less than a year old. Think it’s a medium. PM me if there’s interest and I can put you in touch.

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  • 1500£ really is the min i would spend, as a mechanic I see loads of defunct cheaper electric bikes every month and honestly, £1500 is the min, certainly if you intend to use it for more than a few hundred miles. The cheaper stuff is often only suitable for gentle leisure use.

    Fitted an Austrian kit called "add e" to a customers bike last week, its a few quid 850 of them, but is very well made and compact af, it's also very quiet and fits almost anything.

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  • No way... does it spin the rear tire?

  • Looks like the rubbee that was on kick starter...that was seat post mounted and easily removable.

  • Yup, direct drive, quiet but will wear the tyre, designed for occasional use.
    Not really removable but the battety is a water bottle and the controller is literally just the cap of the bottle, super lo fi

  • I wonder how much over the current £1k limit the scheme will go up to?

    Currently, the scheme is essentially unlimited, but I think businesses need to have a Consumer Credit Licence (or be FCA registered) to go over the magic £1k figure, and HMRC cover them below that.

  • You won't get a decent e bike under a grand.
    The scheme limit should be upped

  • That’s pretty cool, do you think it would work with a studded tire? If it was £500 ish i’d Probably take a punt on it.

    These 2 grand + ebikes are great but it’s bad enough with normal bikes getting stolen, you wouldn’t be able to leave them anywhere.

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Electric bikes

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