Electric bikes

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  • It's this one.

    Upgraded the battery pack to the 500wh one...

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  • In the 'Rider down' thread about the recent fatal collision on Kingsland High Street between an e-bike rider and a pedestrian, I said (since edited out there):

    There is still the question whether the e-bike was delimited or not. If delimited, perhaps it might count as a mechanically-propelled vehicle and/or he might be charged with tampering with it, but we don't know about either of these possibilities yet.

    @jj72 replied:

    It’s a question that doesn’t seem to have any basis in fact. No-one could know if the bike had been chipped or not, and the suspicion that it had been seems to have come from just rumour.

    You're right--in this case, there's a time delay between the crash and the bike being found, so it could have been reset. However, I think it's all the more important to scotch the rumour. Judging by the video, the rider wasn't going very fast and even if the bike had been delimited, it's unlikely that this would have been a factor in the collision. I do think that it's only a matter of time before someone on a delimited bike hits someone, though. They're fairly silent and quickly get up to what seems like 40kph.

  • They look pregnant.

  • Vintage Electric Scrambler S.

  • Urban Drivestyle Unimoke

  • Has anyone been charged with having a too powerful ebike.
    Fast ones are easily available and very tempting. But technically against the law.
    I also notice the rickshaws in the West end also a throttle button also illegal. But no one seems to care. Electric scooters too are getting very common.
    I think the law will have to be updated soon.

  • yup, thought so...

  • Rickshaws have been dodgy for years, there are occasional crackdowns but I don't remember reading about a recent one. They used to have car batteries powering them.

  • You would think the black cabbies would be up in arms..
    Most the rickshaws drivers hardly pedal and blasting music...send them to India for week and see what it's like to be a real rickshaw driver in 40° and no assistance.

  • They are, they're covered by some weird old legislation though so nothing much can be done legally.

  • Yeah they are! In Glasgow there was some pretty good fisti-cuffs about it.

    Way things are currently police can't even deal with the violent crime, let alone anything else.

  • Most the rickshaws drivers hardly pedal and blasting music...

    Well, what do you expect in the Wild West End? :)

    You would think the black cabbies would be up in arms.

    The LTDA has campaigned to have pedal-powered rickshaws banned pretty much since they first appeared. You may remember the bizarre film in which a black cab hit a rickshaw--designed to demonstrate how unsafe rickshaws allegedly are but showcasing a black cab doing the hitting. I don't think there's been much movement in all this stuff recently. I wonder if the fashion for electric assistance (the first wave of rickshaw operators of course didn't have any) changes things.

  • Look at that chain stay length!

  • We sell R&M in my shop, amazing bikes. How are you getting on with the tinker? Do you find the power cutting out at 17mph frustrating? I really want a tinker HS or maybe a charger/super charger. My commute would be 30 miles through the country side each way so very different to zipping around London.

  • Really love the bike; built like a tank and super practical.

    The top speed is the only negative. Apparently you can hack it to go faster but not sure I want to take the risk.

    In the summer, I was fine with the lower top speed as I didn't mind dawdling in the nice weather but I'm reluctant to use it in the winter as sitting at the lower speed is frustrating.

    Definitely glad I bought it though.

  • If it was 20mph (the American limit and what the motors are happy to do) it would be so much better.

    You can clip something on the speed detector on the back wheel that makes the bike think it’s going half it’s actual speed (so it will go twice as fast) It can easily be removed but when the bike is connected to the bosch diagnostic it will show a “tamper” which may or may not affect your warranty.

    Not a problem after 2 years.

    Not sure if you can change country to USA somehow, must be possible.

  • I'm less worried about warranty and more the legal issues should I every get in an accident etc.

    Might all be moot as depending on house moving, early next year, I might need a folding bike for a sum total of 4 miles a day rather than the electric bike.

  • I rode a chipped bike that was in for repair, it wasn’t what i expected, you have to really work once you’re over 20mph, it didn’t feel as dangerous as I thought it might do. Not sure how savvy the cops are to all this, but yeah I appreciate your stance on it, better to be in line with the law of the worse happens.

    Shame legislation in the UK is so ridiculous for high speed models, full size motorbike number plate, helmet, not allowed on bike paths etc. If our rules were more like Belgium’s then high speed ebike would be easily done while staying legal. Who’s going to put a full size number plate on an ebike?!

  • For me the main issue is that considering these e bikes are quite expensive I would want any potential collision to be covered by insurance... and these companies have whole departments set up to hunt for reasons to void any claims, any thing not legal or modificationed will be a sitting duck.

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Electric bikes

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