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  • Circe Helios tandem

    Pics please. This sounds awesome.

  • Just checked that Helios, amazing.

    Need some advice. Father is law has circa £3k to spend on an electric bike. Obviously stock is an issue at the minute but what do people recommend. Its for commuting to central london so flat circa 30km round trip per day.

    I was thinking of belt drive and hub gears for ease of maintenance. Bike will most likely be locked outside during the day also.

  • bafang on cargo makes absolute sense.

    I have a spare bafang 750w back from warranty, complete if interested

  • I’ve a Gocycle which is great. It’s probably the most “designed” of the electric bikes and to be fair I consider it transport rather than riding a bike.

    However, with any eBike, I’d be a bit worried about locking outside, if it’s all day.

  • Sounds like the Gocycle GX - the folding one - is up his street. It's what I'm looking at for the missus so it doesn't have to sit outside during the work day.

  • The go cycle doesn’t really work for him. He is pushing its weight limit.

  • The Gocycle is great. It feels like its actually been designed as an electric bike, not just a manual one with a motor and battery stuck on. I’m pretty impressed with the automatic gears, sealed chain, and the single sided forks means you can change a puncture/tire without take the wheel off. It’s just really well thought through and probably in a class of its own.

  • This looks decent but it seems Charge have gone US only


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  • Nah the XC model is better value IMO

  • Hey, I’d be happy with either!

  • buy one! they are excellent (eBikes in general).

  • I'm likely getting a ebike (r&m packster 80).

    I had a shot of a pals ebullit which was limited up to 30km/h and this felt much closer to a natural cruising speed compared to the 25km/h limiter on the Bosch CX I used in the r&m.

    I spoke with lbs about tuning the motor, he said it is entirely possible but will leave an indelible and warranty voiding mark on some internal log somewhere.

    Is this true and there any way around it? I don't want to go crazy speeds but 30km/h just feels better, especially given that a lot of roads around here are 20mph limits.

  • 50cc petrol motor from Alibaba,,,1000watt on the front wheel from ebay,

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  • That’ll get you a lot of bike. I’ve tried Gazelle dutch style ones and Orbea MTB ones. The Gazelle is a 2 person lift but has a good amount of power in the motor, tackles hills easily. Also sealed chain and hub gear. I think the most expensive option is currently £2400 on their website. With an integrated lock on the rear wheel and rear pannier rack it’s probably the better option to commute with.

    The Orbea looks much sleeker, with the battery in the down tube. It’s a hard tail Mtb so will take more off-roading than the Gazelle urban bikes. I think they were also around £2500.

    Edit: Gocycles look pretty sweet too

  • Is that burnt skin on the exhaust?

  • Is this true and there any way around it? I don't want to go crazy speeds but 30km/h just feels better, especially given that a lot of roads around here are 20mph limits

    This is probably true to ensure the manufacturers aren’t liable if the eBike is used at an illegal speed. The limit in the UK is still 25kmh or 15.5mph and after that you’re breaking the law if it’s used on the roads.

    I’ve a GoCycle, and alas even though it’s 16.5kgs and only has 3 gears, I can easily pedal it faster than the software will legally allow the motor to kick in. I’d love it to go faster, but at the moment you’re touching dodgy ground if you have an accident or something bad happens.

  • If I see him again I will ask,,,

  • hey dude, you still have this could be interested pending a price.

  • Hi, bafang back from warranty, new controler installed, cleaned and regreased from eclispe. Display is c965, one button is dodgy. comes complete with cable brake lever.
    48v 750w
    £300 ONO
    no batteries

  • Thanks mate, that sounds spot on, getting the bike that it would be for tomorrow, where you based?
    noob question but what battery should I be looking at for this?
    Bafang a wise choice for a 27kg cargo bike?

  • It does on Bosch since about 2013 I think, 2020 motors are harder again to get around if at all possible. The log they talk about is more to do with motor load vs cadence vs wheel speed, it kinda works out that something has changed when the kwh per certain distance has changed. Bosch know if the motor is changed when interrogated by a main dealer/warranty interface. This is all just from what I've heard from other shops, I don't have a bosch account.
    Shimano, less of an isssue, there is a battery log, which does sort of the same thing but AFAIK its a log kept in the battery, not the motor. If you use one of those wheel speed sensor 0.5x jobs, then it'll likely be obvious when the motor/battery has seen a lot of duty, yet the odometer says half the distance vs. anticipated wear.

  • Bang on this. I've got a Bosch account/key/access and yeah sure, you can change parameters, but the moment a bike is plugged in, the data is sent to the server. They'll know.
    At training they said they're limited to the kind of cut off they can do.
    After so many strikes, the software will take you to limp mode and will need to be taken to a dealer to remove said restriction.
    Not to say you can't be mates with a bike shop and do it often, but that tends to put a black mark on the store in question.

  • Ducati are now making ebikes 🤢

  • Saw a bike yesterday with a red disc in the rear hub. Googled that it was a Copenhagen Wheel. Anyone used/come across one? Looked pretty funky. Is it old tech now? Superseded by?

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Electric bikes

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