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  • The belt drive/vario is a revelation, 1000s of miles with no drivetrain maintenance, no rusty chain, for a functional ebike you can’t beat it. Nexus is a bag of shit and if you get the city you get a weaker motor as well. Met a very “large” woman who had bought an e cargo from elsewhere with belt and vario, 15000km of schleppin her kids to school and doing her Asda big shop, no drive train maintenance. Add up the cost of chain/cassette and the cost difference is palatable.

  • This is a friends, thought y'all might appreciate it.

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  • As the millennials say ... this is EVERYTHING

  • Yep. Hes been on the road over a decade, dude knows what's up.

  • any way to contact this person?

  • I converted my big dummy with the Bafang BBSHD 1000w - dead easy to fit

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  • EXCELLENT! did you do it yourself? I am reading up on BBSHD vs the BBS02

  • Yes, if you can change a BB/chainset you can fit one of these.

    I had a BBS02 to start with and it stopped working so bought the BBSHD. The 'internet' says its much better built and a lot of the fat bike guys seem to use them....

  • Cheers that looks promising

  • Hi, this is mine. Frame is a Surly LHT with a Clydesdale fork. Ekit is bbso2 sold through https://lekkie.bike/ They do a bunch of upgrades like narrow wide chainring that also fixes the chainline issue and offset cranks that correct q factor. Also a much nicer controller.
    I had never really seriously considered an ebike until I moved back to Wellington, New Zealand but everyone rides them here. It makes a lot of sense with the hills and wind.
    I've had it set up with the ekit for about a month and can say that it's an absolute game changer. Will now happily go for a blast on the MTB after a day doing courier work.
    One nice thing about NZ is that they don't have speed cut offs for ebikes, only motor power output. I think the idea is so that people actually see it as an alternative form of transport to the car or bus.

  • Do you have a link to where you bought it? Do you need to buy the battery separately?

  • One nice thing about NZ is that they don't have speed cut offs for ebikes

    From what I've heard about NZ that doesn't surprise me. Their motor/vehicle modification laws are some of the most relaxed in the world

  • Thanks . Wow the cost really adds up with the battery, need to think if I really need to go electric.

  • +1 for eclipse bikes

  • Yeah just call in one day, it's http://www.glasgowbikehive.com for all the details of where we are.

  • Canyon just released an e-bike without mudguard mounts?!?!

    fuck off with your clip on "fenders"

  • Made a cutout of the 36v 14.5AH battery .. too tight? @pryally @M_A_X

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  • Looks ok to me, the triangle on my big dummy was quite compact and was a bit of a squeeze.
    Yepp mini to start with and then progress to either the bigger version or if riding off road or quiet roads I prefer one of the cross bar mounted seats - don’t think they sell them anymore.
    Reason is you can talk and interact more when they are in front of you but when they are behind you feel a bit detached from them

  • Mine.
    Ex post mail star.
    Got for £60, stripped & painted, then added electrics.
    Electrics takes care of the lead bike (and my elderly legs!), and makes it a very pleasant bike to ride.
    Boxes will take £30+ of Aldi’s finest with no probs.
    Happy bunny.

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  • Looks great 👍 what electric kit and battery are you using?

  • Thanks!
    BBS02, 350W with Eclipse 36v pack.
    I need to add straps as the pack is hanging.
    I used spiral wrap to collect wires together, and although I wasn’t sure at first, it’s really neatened up the ‘rats nest’ that I had on my first build.

  • That is lovely! Did you drill the downtube for the battery? What sort of range are you getting?

  • Does anyone know anything about the Moustache Lundi or, can anyone recommend an Electric Bike for a work-colleague who fancies giving it a go?

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Electric bikes

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