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  • I know it's not in the spirit of the fixed gear ss but my work have been given one by the local council and they lend it to people for a week, i was the first taker and aside from weighing a metric tonne it's great.

    when you pedal it gives a bit more.That's the only way I can describe it.

    For £2,000 it's not my type of bike but really good fun, managed 49 km/p coming down a hill


  • i'd say, spend 2k on a light bike instead. (to cut a long story short)

  • Go to your room

  • link dosent work, and, what are you asking exactly?
    does the forum like electric bikes? --
    the only real benefit I can see is for people who are less than totally physically able,
    injured legs etc.
    Trek are likely to corner the market with their new versions for, as Homer and the family would say ---stuuu---pid people with lots of money.
    otherwise, HTFU, (of course)

  • Balls, I want an electric bike. In fact I want an electric bed-bike with a built in toilet. I want to glide down the road to the sound of gentle buzzing, having a nice nap and then wake up and take a groggy dump.

  • dunno about toilet bikes no, sorry never seen one.
    most of the stuff I fix and see on training are shit though.

  • I saw someone 'riding' down Regent St today by standing on their top-tube, hands aloft. Insane but impressive.

  • if it was towards P.Circus gets nice and fast there too, hmmm,
    hold on, isnt there some really amazing German girls doing that somewhere, let me start a new thread about it...

  • don't like to pedal? here's a clue:

  • I have a lawn mower if you need a motor, Will.

  • awesome! the la-zee man toilet bike!

  • I'm not asking anything you giving my view having ridden about on one today. It's a Sparta ion gl. Personally I'd prefer to spend 2 grand on a nice cervelo but city councils don't give cervelo bikes

  • You could get an electric scooter for half the price and not bother with pedals. Check this out...

  • they've brought out those C5 spare bits and....


    the electric fixie and a BMW like frame around the rider.

  • http://www.ridetoces.com/

    "Electron's #RidetoCES with the Google Assistant is a 2800 mile bike ride celebrating the launch of the next generation Electron Wheel. We're on a mission to prove the power, flexibility, and robustness of our smart wheel solution, and that e-bikes are here to stay as a viable form of alternative transportation. We've enlisted the help of Max Lippe, an experienced Trans-America cyclist, to complete the ride from the streets of New York to Sin City's Consumer Electronic's Show in the dead of winter.

    Who said e-bikes are for lazy people?"

  • Anyone seen the new oreba, looks like a bicycle. Anyone else make one similar?


  • Focus
    This other abomination
    Maybe not quite as stealth, but there are others out there.

  • The focus will be wicked. Shame it's not out yet, or no release date.

  • Pretty sure i'll be picking up one of these in the next few weeks...

    Need to get back into cycling for work and the 30 miles a day takes too long when you factor in shower, changing etc. Hoping to be able to use this to travel too and from work in casual attire (bar a change of t-shirt etc)...

  • why not leccy brompton? or a full sized electric bike?

  • Leccy brompton:

    1. Chain - want belt
    2. Hub motor - want crank
    3. Stupid battery pack thing - want neater frame mount
    4. Doesn't exist yet - want something that i can buy within 10 days

    Vs full size:

    It has bet drive, integrated battery, crank mounted motor and integrated lights at the same, if not slightly cheaper than full size. Easier to drag in and out of the office / house, fit in the car, etc etc.

  • Tried out an Electric Moulton at Velorution (E cycle store).

    Had the 'Stupid Battery Pack' thing from https://arccinnovations.com/arccbicycler­ange.php

    Which wasn't bad. Looks techey rather than slick but kinda liked the look.

    Much better ride than a Leccy Brompton since the Moulton ride is far superior to the Brompton. The electrics (eventually after discovering a loose connection) worked a treat.

    We tested the TSR Automatic and automatic shifting is horrible. Then we tried the 8 Speed TSR 8 all was fine and dandy

  • I've been riding this thing around for the last couple of weeks...

    It's great; the range is ridiculous, luggage rack & integrated lights are ace & the belt + CVT gearbox are completely silent.

    So much nicer to commute on that my carbon di2 thing. @Sparky can attest to its swiftness and orangeness.

  • I was really impressed with it this morning - you looked so relaxed riding it but we're knocking along at 17-18mph. Got a link to more details?

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Electric bikes

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