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  • Nothing significant just want to get it right for him

    If it’s insignificant (total value below notifiable amount and likely gain below CGT allowance) I would just sell and not trouble HMRC.

  • Thanks all - will have a look.

  • ah it is more than I thought and it will be above the allowance

    Had the dates, which are so long ago a lot of sources to check the price on that day differ so just going to stick with what yahoo finance says. If he gets questioned, it is justifiable. Think that is all he can do

  • If you can cite a source such as yahoo I think you should be fine.

    Can't think why there would be disagreement between different sources though!

  • What do people do if they have no idea?

    speak with a financial advisor

  • The easier things to consider, where possible, might be using couples allowance for CGT, or selling up to limit this tax year and sell the rest next April, or looking at whether these shares were acquired as part of some HMRC approved share ownership scheme which might have exemption from CGT

  • Someone sent me this:­Z6I

    I think it means I shouldn't buy Patagonia.

  • When's the crash coming? Markets are approaching all time highs. Dark clouds on the horizon I suspect. But who knows, I've not been good at forecasting so far.

  • Inflation figures show that inflation is slowing but the dollar is possibly about to start weakening which might allow US stocks to rise a bit. UK stocks have remained high because GBP has been weak.

    Background is still lots of money has been printed and sprayed about fixing covid so underlying inflation is eroding the value of money across the board.

    Dark clouds might be higher interest rates which would be expected to affect business creating unemployment, unaffordable loans might lower house prices which is why the central banks are sending the message that they will slow the increase of interest rates which is leading to confidence in the markets (misplaced in my estimation).

    I was under the impression that US stocks were in a bear market but bear markets are often short and sharp.

  • The crash started Jan 2022, if you check your pension funds and ISA’s you’ll see growth in 2022 was >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • The stocks (all uk index funds) I hold are nearly all in my pension, and it's at all time high too, it's the US tech stocks that are off highs.

    I don't think the cost of living has bitten yet, and the service sector could take a dive as people cut down on luxuries, my mortgage as recently refinanced and needless to say its a significant (all uk index) rise and cut backs will have to be made. Probably true for a large proportion of the population too I suspect.
    Add high energy bills, pay rise is not going to cover it.

  • uk index funds

    If it's FTSE 100 stuff it doesn't have that much to do with the UK economy, it's mostly mining, oil, finance. Hugely supported by the depreciation of the GBP during 2022, rising rates and energy costs. Not especially correlated to UK cost of living (possibly negatively correlated given FX exposure).

  • Someone posted something here a while ago predicting crash between march - may I thought?

  • I think that advice is probably worth what you paid for it. Which puts it ahead of lots of investing advice, which is similarly worthless but costs money.

  • Sorry, I am bitchy on Monday mornings after I pay HMRC 😂

  • Oh, wish you'd told me that before I went full ape on shorting the NASDAQ.

  • Brave move.. I can't get my head round this market. I've got the age where I'm constantly looking at my pension pot and wondering if I will have enough to retire on.
    So many unknowns, inflation, stock returns and annuity rates..etc.
    Still have an urge to time the market some what to maximise returns, too risky tho, probably just grind it out.

    As the saying says... time in market is better then timing the market.

  • sell in May and go away!

  • If premium bonds draw is 2nd feb if i remove my bonds before then, they won't be included is that right?

  • Got to be right?

  • If you cash them in online, you'll be asked to choose whether you want to defer your payment until the next prize draw, then they should be sold for you after that

  • Yeah it seems obvious but when you buy them there’s some timing stuff around which draw you are first eligible for and it’s not that obvious on the site around withdrawals. Unfortunately house stuff means they’ve gotta go 😧

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Investment & Investing

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