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  • CIRCA5000 customer support has been amazing. You get a real person on email and can get stuff sorted quickly. Benefits of being smaller I guess.

  • but only with a phone app?

  • Yeah. No web version.

  • have you tried emailing/calling them? Their support is normally pretty good.

    FWIW i've managed to pay in recently without any problems

  • Yes, I send a message through the secure messages system but just got a generic reply to check my card details etc, they ignored the fact I have been using the same card for every single payment for 2 years.

  • Same for me if that helps ... Just asked to clear my cache etc ... I've just increased my monthly payment instead

  • My problem is being unable to pay in higher amounts, how did you increase your payment if you have the same issue?

  • I have a regular direct debit that's always worked, it's just topping up manually via debit card that's not working for me

  • Ok, makes sense. Strange that they don't realize something is wrong.

  • gme up 30% yesterday

    gme up 25% so far today and climbing

    no news, just normal stock movements, nothing to see here

  • "GME unveils their own crypto wallet" = shares jump 50%

    I can't take this world any more. I'm buying a log cabin and becoming a spoon-whittling hermit.

  • Where can you put some savings if you've used up your ISA allowance for the year? I've put a lump sum in pension, but have a little more than I dont want to leave depreciating in savings/ current account.

  • Most of the usual platforms e.g. Vanguard, offer a general investment account (GIA) which can sit alongside your ISA. They are taxable accounts but each tax year you have an allowance on capitals gains (£12,300 for 2022/23) and dividend income (depending on your tax-rate).

  • anyone use iweb?

    i' looking for a low cost S&S isa that covers shares and funds. pref not HL.

  • or maybe i don't really need the shares part. i'll probably just drip feed into a few funds - uk / global / US / bonds.

    I could probably get all that from something like vanguard or fidelity?

    Edit: from what I can see, although iWeb has no platform fee, it costs £5 per transaction so that wouldn't make it a good choice for drip feeding monthly.

    2nd edit: So it looks like either Vanguard with 0.15% annual fee but only Vanguard funds, or Fidelity with a bigger range and 0.35%.

    I don't expect to invest enough or for long enough for the 0.2% to make any kind of a difference, but it's the thought that counts....

  • A J Bell, they are slightly cheaper then HL too, last time I checked.

  • Yes, used them for the last dozen years or so. Probably the cheapest around. Slightly clunky but never had any problems.

    If you are in for the long term, percentage fees can get expensive years down the line

    There's a good comparison table on, shows which is cheapest for however you'd use it.

  • If I have a S&S ISA from a previous year, and I'm paying into a different one this year, can I transfer a third cash ISA into the older S&S ISA? Or does that count as paying in to it?

  • Thanks @wildwest and @frank9755

    I opened a vanguard account, seems nice and simple plus low cost. I haven't used it as yet.

    Will have a look at the comparisons on monevator site.

  • No, should be OK.
    I think you speak to the one that you want to transfer in to and they tell you what to do.

  • can anyone recommend a broker or another way to sell shares (in gsk). a relative needs to cash out to fix the roof

  • Do they have actual materialised share certificates?

    Just asking because if they're held in a nominee account I'd expect there to be an associated broker...

  • I imagine with this person it will be as old school as it is possible to be, so certificates?
    EDIT gsk website implies, from a very quick scan, that you'd have to register with some outsourced share management company to manage gsk shares

  • If they are paper certificates, the easiest (may not be cheapest) way is to use the registrar's share dealing service. For gsk it's Equiniti.

    To do it online, you set up an Equiniti Shareview account, add the paper shares using the shareholder id and sell them. You then have to send the certificate back within a certain number of days. IIRC you get a form and a pre-paid envelope in the post to return them. It was definitely very straightforward.

    If they don't want to trade online at all, registrars usually send "please sell your shares" forms pretty regularly to small.shareholders because they don't want the faff of dealing with us.

    If they are already dematerialised and Equniti is the nominee (which would be the default if they converted from paper) you can follow the same online process but don't need to return any paper.

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Investment & Investing

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