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  • Yeah but ahead of the gilet curve on us normal folk

  • What’s the latest?

  • Ha, scenes in the past couple of weeks. First up, head of ESG came in wearing a Barbour waxed type gilet one day, yer man looked like he was taking five from an arduous weekend hunt with Harrow Old Boys. He got ripped apart by everyone, then it turned out that there was some truth in the hunting jokes. And that he's actually Charterhouse... ESG head honcho hunting at weekends, press would have a field day.

    Then one of the Hedgies, who is well respected but nobody really gets, came in wearing a black, quilted Lululemon number. Absolutely nobody knew what to do with that one, so utterly leftfield it left the whole floor befuddled. Lulu... total big dick disruptor play, to be fair only a Hedgie would even think of a 4D chess move like that.

  • Bought and sold a bit of Shib recently. I had some back in May. Made money on it but I'd have made a lot more if I'd held.

    Although lets be honest I'd have either got bored in the interim (where it wasn't worth much) or sold to lock in profits long before the recent peak.

  • Had me in absolute stitches 🤣🤣

    Any Schoffels knocking about? Or strictly weekend affair?

  • If I had 3-5 years I’d stick it across a mix of the big giant tech stocks (Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, alphabet)

    That seems like one of the most risky things you could possibly do!

  • I only recall one at my old shop a few years ago, Swiss guy. Not even Swiss-German so no idea what he was trying to rep, like mate if you turn up rocking a Mammut then kudos for buying local and hey, Mammut is all round class, but what's up with this weak-ass country bumpkin shit?!

    Anyway he was pseudo-sales so doesn't even count. Actually that's being kind, he was a total admin monkey. The kind that gets shat on by the Associates who constantly get shat on by MDs with 'pls fix' on Fridays at 6pm. Oh Pascale, no wonder you ended up at Swiss Re.

  • I don’t agree but then I’m just a random dude on the internet!

  • its on coinbase and robinhood. when the masses come, they won't care about the tech.

  • Associates who constantly get shat on by MDs with 'pls fix' on Fridays at 6pm

    me lol

  • Spotted in M&S today - subversive

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  • ouch! They cut a little deeper when there's no signature and it's just 'Sent from iPhone/iPad'

  • Lols, that screams Head of Counterparty Risk or some such non-job. Thinks he's one of the boys, he's not. Everyone knows his wife picked that up for him and it's just going to result in him getting happy slapped at the Christmas party.

  • ‘It’s the same as those other ones they all wear’

    ‘Claire, its from Fucking Marks and Sparks, I’m going to be the laughing stock of the floor! I asked for a Patagonia, Arcteryx or Rab gilet. I can’t wear this’

    …Monday morning turns up in M&S gilet after sleeping in the spare room all weekend

  • 'You alright ,Rob? You look like shit mate. Worse than Wilder AFTER he got sparked by that big oaf the other night...'

    'yeah, it's that fucking futon. I've told Claire we need a proper bed in that room but... but nevermind'

  • Everyone in corporate sales on every dress-down Friday*

    * which shows how long ago since I worked on the trading floor.

  • For non trade floor at my shop (yours truly included) the post-pandemic uniform is chinos, brogues, shirt and quarter zip jumper... Merino for show, Cashmere for dough.

  • Occasionally I have students turning up in these

  • Really enjoying the 2 sides of the last few pages - premium bonds on one side, and billionaire producing shitcoin on the other. With a smattering of gilets.

  • Pretty good summary of investing/finance

  • wouldn't be a bad idea to study up on what crypto is as a baseline. this is on my to-read list, seems pretty all-encompassing: i've got a small percentage allotted to shit ideas, 3% of my pile in ethereum.

  • They have set up a lot of other dog themed shitcoins which they can then swap into, without crashing the price of Shib all at once.

    Clever exit strategy.

  • Meta verse having a rather substantial affect on some coins this weekend.

  • bed bath and beyond make an announcement last night and all the " unrelated meme stocks " go crazy
    gme up from 200 to 250 ( down a bit now ) since last night on no news, just the bbby share buy back being accelerated.

    wonder what is linking them all ? or is it just a coincidence ..... again

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Investment & Investing

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