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  • Maybe a little late but i've been using Moneybox for the last year (opened Sept 2020),

    Using it as a long term saver for my daughter, currently it's tracking at around 9% gains (after fees) which is nice and much better than any bank savings account - kind of thought free though, you just choose what level of risk you want and it invests in different funds for you

  • kind of thought free though, you just choose what level of risk you want and it invests in different funds for you

    This is what Nutmeg does and to some extent Vanguard / H&L etc.

    They won't make you rich but that's not the point, they are there to make sure you don't starve.

    Individual stock (or insert asset class here) picking is for the brave / experienced / knowledgable. But you might get rich.

  • In on Nutmeg, it is easy and they offer ESG funds (as I'm sure Vanguard and others do).­responsible-investments-made-easy

    As a benefit, also got £60 cashback from quidco and £100 referral. If anyone is going down the nutmeg route and wants to split a referral, let me know.

  • Might open one for my daughter so I’ll maybe hit you up for a link.

  • Trying to direct register US shares purchased with an EU broker in their street name. Real ball ache, can’t find an easy way of doing it. If anyone has any tips that don’t involve $20 grand liquid to open an Interactive Brokers account, drop me a line please?

  • Anyone here have any experience in the following decision?

    A) invest in startup company abroad as an individual
    B) set up UK limited company with primary purpose of investing in startup company abroad

    option B means less tax and cheaper expenses right?

  • It was announced today via email. JPM paying £31.64 a share and I paid £12.83. So 246%…to be paid on 20 October which is sooner than expected actually.

  • You definitely dont need 20k to open an Interactive Brokers account. I should know, I have one.

    Sure, during the registration process do tell them youve got 30k liquid assets but at no point they need any verification of this, and you dont need that on your account balance either (of course the 25k pattern day trader rules are in place...etc). Recently they also got rid of their monthly fee I think.

    I enjoy using both their app and web platform, and low fees.

  • You got an email? I didn't get an email...

    Edit. I did. Completely missed it.

  • Very nice. Congrats.

    If you want to have a punt at doing the same again, Chip are doing another raise now - combination of crowd and VC money by the end of the year.

  • If only tax advice was as simple as that.

    How do you get the money out of the UK company?

  • I got in with chip but I feel a bit skeptical about it. Think I did 300 pounds way back. Feel like they're constantly getting to crowd fund more money which just makes me nervous.

  • They seem to be growing fairly quickly, but also burning through money. Will be interesting to see what happens if/when VC’s get involved and give some validation (or not) of the current valuation

  • I'm sure I saw something saying this was going to be their last crowdfunding raise. Ive been in each of their previous rounds and just to avoid dilution this round I need to put in roughly 1/3rd of what I've put in so far.

    So I'm tempted to just allow the dilution and let it ride now. I'm sure this round will be massively over subscribed again but I'm starting to wonder if their only real exit opportunity is a big player coming in for their tech.

  • Lol u just explained every seed+ stage company🥲

  • Also like what's their tech... When I used the "ai" I was never particularly impressed with it. Don't know if it would work better on other people or if they have improved it but I always found it overly aggressive.

    That said I'm never the target audience for anything so whether I have a good impression of its worth is not normally relevant and often can be a contraindication.

  • Nutmeg have also never been profitable 🤷🏻♂️ But their customer base was growing at a v fast rate especially due to household savings skyrocketing due to covid. I guess that’s what made them attractive even though they were also burning through money.

  • Bit of a loose question, but when do people decide to diversity their portfolios when using Vanguard? Since opening an account in February I've been 100% in LS100, but wondering if it's the right approach or not.

    Simply put, looking at my bank account now I've probably got too much money in there and need to spread it around a bit. Current monthly investments are my LISA, £100 into an emergency fund (looking to build 3-6 months of outgoings) and then around £250 every month into the LS100. Also wondering if it's worth opening a Savings Account elsewhere, didn't even realise Skipton (who my LISA is with) have one with a 3.5% interest rate that's fixed for a year.

  • 3.5% that's a mega rate.

  • Hadn’t seen that skipton rate!

  • Balls only for existing members

  • 3,5% on a savings account?

  • 3.5% for one year on up to £250/mo - so realistically works out to ~2% on £3k if you drip feed from a 1% account to the regular saver. Also you can't withdraw I think.

    Suppose it's decent but not a life-changing amount.

    If you're going to move accounts you'd make more switching your current account around to hoover up the switching bonuses

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Investment & Investing

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