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  • Only some countries tax on worldwide income, and it may only depend on whether you are still considered resident there.

    But yeah, it would rely on your reporting it on your tax returns, and you can typically claim a foreign tax credit for the tax you have paid where you are living, to offset the tax your home country are asking you to pay. If there is an agreement between the two countries - you wouldn't be double taxed.

    Each country would calculate it as per their own tax banding.

    EDIT - sorry didn't refresh before greenbanks reply.

  • Generally small amounts are not going to be pursued.

    I'm going to consider myself safe then. hippy != Bezos

  • Cool. I will let the tax authorities work it out, after all, that's what my taxes pay for! #woahmeta

  • Anyone here jumping on the Helium One bandwagon?

  • Not a chance, I've had my fingers burnt with micro-caps before. I'd have more confidence in an accy on Paddy Power.

  • Certainly looks like it's on the rise, etc etc etc

  • Haha - tell all

  • Joined the class action against Romeo power, trying to work out if Im actually suitable (bc Im based in UK) but would be nice as I've lost a...bit

  • I can't help but be a little but curious as to why you were invested in Romeo Power.

    I don't know anything about the stock but at first glance, it looks like a long shot.

    I also have some form with long shots. My holding in Falcon Oil and Gas ended up being worth £15, which was also the transaction cost of selling it. The Hungarian gas field they had discovered somehow didn't end up working.

  • You know nothing about the stock but curious as to why I was invested?

    Well I was interested because all of the prospectuses and investor info had pretty compelling info - just turns out most of it was lies. Hence class action, generally that’s not something you’re allowed to do.

    I’m either investing money in tech that I use or understand or renewable/environmental ideas. Most recently I’ve decided to start investing in woodland and woodlanding farm land.

  • You know nothing about the stock but curious as to why I was invested?

    Yes, because I'm interested in what drives people's investment choices.

    I admit it's a slightly vicarious curiosity as I have no investments at present, and probably won't for the foreseeable future.

  • Ok - sounded like you were digging me out. No worries, read it wrong. Reasons for investment as above - was a fairly fancied stock until the truth unwound.

    But renewable tech seems to be quite volatile, for example my largest single holding is ITM power which went from 70p > £7 > £3.5

  • No, not a dig. Just looks ike a small cap and wondered why it would have come to people's attention.

    For example the oil and gas co that I mentioned above was heavily touted on Motley Fool forum, which I subscribed to years ago.

    £0.70 to £3.50 is still stellar 👍

  • ITM has been a wild ride. Like you I have been in tech and renewables, and also some mining related to EV.

    Taken a bit of a hammering lately, to be honest. But ITM and cadence minerals are still well up.

  • Public service broadcast for anyone still holding GME - seems to be climbing again...

  • Throughly enjoying season 2 so far.

  • thank fuck for that, as I bought some at exactly the wrong time

  • the last 2 days have been fun after 180 for weeks

  • Oops... Wrong thread

  • It’s coming

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  • 2000

  • I've decided to pay off a bit of mortgage.

    If the world still exists in a couple of years, might buy some shares again.

  • amc and gme leaving scorched earth behind them
    all the research is being proven true, amazing

    lets hope this is only the start of a massive squeeze

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Investment & Investing

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