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  • Why? I don't understand, he's miles away from Penge Boating Lake.

  • Thanks. Yeah I think iWeb was mentioned on the moneysaving site as being lowest.

    Although I'm thinking a robofund is a good compromise for this chunk of change - it should be lower risk than me guessing at funds, and the fees aren't as high as fully managed stuff. I also want something that will be easy to get the money out of, if I do commit to a house buy.

  • "Yes, the accounts are not in any way affiliated if you was to open the ISA. You would be able to access both accounts under one log in however, all money and trades on these are kept separate."

    Looks like for a tenner a month, ii S&S ISA is the way to go. Then it's a case of finding the right funds to invest in.

  • Nutmeg hasn't recovered for me, up to about -10% having recovered from -30%

    Vanguard is doing nicely back up to +11%

  • Nutmeg hasn't recovered for me, up to about -10% having recovered from -30%

    Depends on the fund, risk level, time in the market etc. Mine is fine now, was dreadful, trick is not to look at it.

  • I think my boring normal fund stuff in the SIPP is about evens with win/loss.
    I have one 'off piste' investment that's caning at 169%.
    I missed the boat on last year's S&S ISA limit but I reckon I will use this year's and at least try and earn something off this otherwise stagnant money.

  • Nutmeg hasn't done that well for me for a few years. They did really well during Brexit (I do wonder if that was because they diversified offshore and benefited from the FX drop) but they've been pretty average since then. This is on a couple of pots with risk profile of 6 and 10.

    It's convenient, which is why I'm still with them, but I'm tempted to look elsewhere soon.

  • Same same same.

    The interface and service is 👌🏻.
    But recently that's not enough.

  • Does anyone use the investment side of Plum? I've only been using the savings feature for a few months and have racked up considerable savings which to be honest I have no plans for.

    Considering moving over to their investment side with what I have and will save in the future, fees are £1 a month and a 0.53% annual investment charge.

  • Move over to fidelity! plums choices are pretty slim in terms of funds etc... Green energy, robotics & data processing is where its at just now. i also think 5G tech has a huge way to go

  • The beauty with plum is that it is all in one place. As in I'm saving then that money goes straight into S&S.

    The options with Fidelity do they allow you to buy individual company shares? Or is it more like Plum in so far as a funds?

  • I was using it but eventually realised it's just the same funds as Vanguard except with a bigger fee. You could use the robot to save and then transfer it over manually and save a few hundredths of a percent (which is a lot more than it sounds like).

  • Investors nudged Wall Street’s benchmark stock market close to an all-time high on Tuesday, turning bullish on leisure and travel stocks and betting that coronavirus lockdowns will be limited.

    Source: FT

    Bets on when this all comes crashing down?

    I'll open with Feb 2021.

  • It's tempting. But it's all about when, not if.

  • We’re in uncharted territory. Don’t end up with an earful of cider.

  • We’re in uncharted territory

    Is it not just classic late stage bubble?

  • Is that what you believe?

  • I'm struggling to see it any other way. But if there is another way to look at it, I'm interested.

  • Just today I was idly looking on Rightmove.

    I noticed two houses in leytonstone.

    One had been done up extensively but in some respects strangely. 5 bedrooms due to loft conversion. £1.4m.

    Another house, similar to what the above would have been like pre renovation, but a total wreck inside, 3 bedrooms. £800k.

    One of today's headlines was "biggest fall in UK employment in a decade".

    People are losing their jobs. Corporate earnings are taking a battering. Corporate debt is scary.

    And yet asset prices are at all time highs?

    If that makes sense, let me know how.

  • See also Wirecard. We don't even know what's real in corporate numbers.

    Debt is so freely available that you can blag your way into the Dax 30, and fuck off before the shit hits the fan with a few hundred mill in your pocket.

    But it's all fine, yeah?

  • Same here in Sweden. House / flat prices are just going up, summer houses even more so.

  • BTL landlords taking advantage to stamp duty temporary cut.

  • It’s probably ok to say you have no idea. I have no idea.

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Investment & Investing

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