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  • I use plum too (I put most into the tech fund) I have actually diverted more into the shares aspect over the saving, figure we are buying at a low price now, so at some point in the future funds will bounce back.

  • I did like Plum for the AI aspect but I pulled my small amount of money out just before the COVID stuff happened. Not because of that though - basically Plum is just offering Vanguard funds with higher fees, and I've switched to doing all my spending on a cashback credit card so the AI's not as helpful. So essentially I might as well just put a bit into a Vanguard ISA every month instead (what I intend to do). You could use the AI to collect 100% cash and then transfer it into Vanguard manually if you like that bit of it.

  • Also Chip as an alternative to Plum for micro savings

    (I've invested, so am biased)

  • any wierd stuff happening, triple witching day today

    lots of derivatives maturing mar 21st

  • Don’t worry the money gun will come out again

  • Not sure they make money guns that big unless they just nationalise everything and leave the printers running

  • I thought the money gun would be out of ammo soon?

  • the boeing article and comments last week on zerohedge is also a good read on the whole credit issuance issue, and shows why so many big companies are now too big to fail and have to be bailed out

    cds prices have risen massively since beginning of march too

  • Its already out... 0.5 % cut in interest rates across the pond did absolutely nothing for the market.
    The magic money tree needs to grow a few branches quickly.

  • lots of derivatives maturing mar 21st

    On a Saturday?

  • did absolutely nothing for the market.

    It may have prevented things being far worse.

    Or not.

    Depending on what / how you are modelling things.

  • Yep...just feel it was a waste of a bullet when things are likely to get worse.

  • The money guns are multiplying and growing with amazing speed.

    I don't think we have ever seen money printing on this scale, and I'm not sure that anyone really knows where this will lead.

  • The QE during credit crunch was far bigger then where we are so far.
    That was an problem that originated in the finiancial system.
    This is some what less scary in that it's an economic activity depression. Its should be easier to bounce theory.

  • The QE during credit crunch was far bigger then where we are so far.

    But some of the measures announced can't readily be quantified, so we don't really know what it will run to.

  • We are only just at the start

    In the eurozone, the cash sums promised average about 2% of GDP.

    Forecaster Capital Economics predicted that the figures needed could be at least five times higher, dwarfing the 2.5% of GDP spent by eurozone countries at the peak of the banking crisis in 2008.­ar/19/europes-economic-rescue-packages-w­orth-combined-17tn

  • US stocks rebounded more than 11% on Tuesday in best day since 1933 on
    signs that lawmakers and the Trump administration are nearing a deal
    on a $2tr stimulus package aimed at curbing economic distress caused
    by the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 2,112 points, or 11.3%, the
    S&P 500 rose 9.3%, while the Nasdaq Composite advanced 8.3%.

    Energy giant Chevron gained more than 18% to lead the Dow higher.
    American Express, Boeing and American also rallied more than 14%.
    Energy was the best-performing sector, while industrials and
    financials each jumped more than 10%.


  • Huge rises... massive swings happening in the market. Bet theres a few hedge fund managers popping open the champagne tonight.

  • and jumping from tall buildings

  • The tech based funds I had are swinging wildly as well. The huge gain above was cancelled by an almost equally large drop the day before.

    I've parked all my stuff in interest based funds for now. They've sat still for the last 5 years so I assume they won't move too much now either. Might lose a bit on them, but I'm ok with that.

    I'm gonna sit it out for a while longer I think. Trump can do all the stimulus he want, I think the shit will hit Americas fan big time soon

  • When does the hivemind think it's a good time to get back in? Will those 2 trillion dollars make enough difference?

  • There will be more irrational pessimism to come

  • I can’t tell you when it will come tho ;)

  • They are talking about 15% drop in GDP caused by the virus.... absolutely massive.
    Solutions will cause huge inflation in years to come.

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Investment & Investing

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