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  • Yeah, have a look at the other P2P lending reviews here:­p2p/

  • So far, see how its doing in a years time!

  • I read that yesterday and mainly agree but it does seem to neglect that the largest divesment in history is currently happening, institutional investors pulling out of coal is what is killing that industry and it is now turning to oil. Like they say though, when the largets company in the world floats it is hard for an index tracker not to buy it, even if it is a turd sandwich.

  • What fintech apps/sites are you people using for basic management/oversight? I want something with spangly graphs and shit that tells me where my money is going and how much of it is going there over time. I don't need it to be able to make any changes to anything.

    Related: is there anything I can use that has an actual website instead of just a fucking mobile app?

    (I know this isn't investment related, but if anyone is going to know the answer to teh question, it's you lot)

  • Money Dashboard is what you want.

  • Doesnt support vanguard and isnt even on their roadmap which is what puts me off MD atm

  • Ooh, yeah. Had a piss about with it this evening (I am An Old, ok) and it looks just the ticket, cheers for that!

  • +1 for money dashboard

  • Is anyone using Plum (nothing came up in the search)?

    I'm putting a pathetically small amount into the "Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex-UK Equity Index Fund A" as a Brexit hedge

  • I've been using plum for savings for a while and have considered splitting some of my savings into their investment arm.

  • Cool. How are you finding the AI direct debit thing? It's taking random amounts out of my account and they've been increasing over time since I signed up a week ago. Curious to know if it's actually any good.

  • Well it seems to take money without me really noticing (which I guess is the whole point) remember that in the brain (settings) you can also change the agressiveness of the AI. I think I've got mine set just above the midpoint.
    I think with Christmas just behind us I'm sure it'll take a little while for the algorithm to settle.

  • How are you finding the AI direct debit thing?

    What's it trying to do? Take what you can 'afford' at that point in time, or something else?

  • Yes, which is why I'm curious about how well it works. Also I've not really spent anything since Christmas (NYE was a bag o' cans) so in my case it's not going to be very reliable for now but I presume it works off my spending in previous months too. It's been taking out amounts ranging from £2 - £22 or so.

    As @spenceey says there is a setting for aggressiveness so I suppose you adjust that down if you're anticipating big expenses etc.

    You can also adjust the split between cash and each of the funds you have picked, I've got it at 50% cash (with a normal savings account somewhere else also)

  • Interesting.

  • Mine went into overdrive with Christmas spending - probably thought I had way more in my account than I actually had and was taking some big direct debits.

    But now it's leveled out a little and so far so good.

    In fact i'm considering muting the messenger conversation, (I used that as its one less app to worry about) and then seeing what I can get too without even noticing.

  • any experience with moneybox? they request all of your passwords / codes for the bank account which i instantly bailed on..

  • Free shares if anyone wants one.

    Don't know if anyone else has been using trading 212 or Freetrade but I recently set up both and imagine I will settle down on one of the other in time but both have a free share offer when you set up and fund an account with 1 pound (using a referral link only). Fair warning I get one too if you use my links.

    -link now used message me if you want one

    Trading 212:­Y

  • Big fan of T212. Freetrade less so. Theres nothing wrong with Freetrade but T212 is a far better product and has more features and stocks to pick from. Although in rare instances I've found shares on Freetrade that aren't on T212 so good to have both.

    What are you buying?
    Best successes for me have been large US Tech (Microsoft (13%), Apple (19%), etc...) but also Nike (15%). Then some less common stocks (Verbio (8%), Terradyne (12%) and Aecom(20%)). Don't get me wrong I've brought some real shit too but averaging around 10% up in the 3-4 months I've been using it.

    Hoping Amarin goes up and up soon due to FDA approval of one of their drugs.

    Its way more fun than buying Funds (although thats where I keep the bulk of my savings) and (so far) far more profitable (for me at least). This is just a small amount of fun money really.

  • yes would have to agree re freetrade vs trade 212, was just drawn in by the free stock offer! Will prob sell up in freetrade and move over at some point.

    Re using the above it mainly just been for building a small dividend investment portfolio so nothing very exciting! Sounds like your doing much better!

  • Has anyone else got one of these codes? Looks like it’s a single use one.

    I’ve got one for ratesetter in case anyone needs it for that

  • Playing with T212 and their practice account.
    Spunked £10,000 in my lunch break, won't be putting real money down anytime soon.

  • Just checked with both freetrade and trading 212 they say that they are both multi-use links. Did you have a problem with either link?

  • It gave me a message to say its already been used for freetrade and trading 212 just took it to the App Store to download the app.

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Investment & Investing

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