Correct "Do a skid" etiquette

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  • BTW They're doing this in Australia now...

    Yeah, had it yelled at me and nearly fell off me bike lookin to see who shouted out.

  • Nothing better then seeing a singlespeed breakless/fixed brakeless with no clips when your out with a few beers in you...oh the fun. Best time for shouting abuse

  • Chris.. you are missed!


  • you forgot to add

    Full sleeve tattoo

    hee hee, run away from angry Rob the hipster

    WAYFARERS!! Will someone please think of the wayfarers.

  • 'ere we go, not as cool as they used to be though:

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    • rayban-wayfarer.jpg
  • Just coast and confuse them.

    Body in skid position and keep rollin'? Woah!

  • Our bunch rolled past some dude out in the Chilterns on a Charge Plug (green rims right?) and I DAS'd him. He looked puzzled. Nevermind.

  • as a deep SE londoner singlespeeder myself i share your dilemma. maybe i should hunt you down and ask you to 'do a coast' or something.

    I go deep, deep SE for my internship and occasionally see a dude on a black fg or ss, I never notice b/c I'm terrible at seeing details when the rider is going the other direction, with a red chain. I will shout DO A SKID next time I see you and see if you're on here.

  • i got a "suck my fucking cock!" from a guy in London fields on Saturday evening.
    Made us chuckle

  • ha. why?

  • cause i asked him to do a skid. Guess he didnt appreciate the humour.

  • Has anyone else seen the bloke on a bike around London fields who just shouts indiscriminately at other cyclists? Doesn't sound like words either, just screams. It caught my attention the first time, then when he did it again I just thought 'what a twat'...

  • ... just to let you know...

    Decided on Sat. eve at start of the Dun-Run that in future I would be using 'DAS' as a formal greeting to other forumengers when shaking hands.

  • ...just to let you know...

    Have decided that in future I would be responding with 'WAC' to forumengers who use 'DAS' when shaking hands.

  • I'm so glad you asked this bednarz.

    As a nooboid, it look me a few weeks to work out what DAS meant. Then weeks of turmoil wondering if I would be laughed at if I squeaked out a backbrakskid™.

    Now I just need to work out WAC...

  • we are charmed

  • Whistle A Choon!

  • Water a chihuahua

  • Oh, not Wanking And Crying then?


  • wanking and crying go cock and hand together

  • Oh, not Wanking And Crying then?


    Nah. You're thinking of Do An Angry Cry-Wank, which is how you greet Nodders.

  • got my first ever 'do a skid' off someone while passing through nunhead earlier, had no idea this was a thing and was puzzling about it for miles. Well and truly got.

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Correct "Do a skid" etiquette

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