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  • Oran (DZ), when I arrived and a half-hour later.

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  • Ricoh GR2 back from the dead, nice to have a small decent camera. Currently playing with the Ricoh recipes app.

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  • I got my Voigtländer 35 mm Color-Skopar back from the service yesterday, it feels like a perfect match with the Epson R-D1s. The colors from these old CCD sensors are somehow really pleasant.
    Few quick snaps from today at home, ISO1600, jpg's straight from camera:

  • A few from a quick trip to North Uist earlier this week.

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  • Still miss the Leica M9p for the CCD vibe. The M240 is objectively better but....

  • A few from the Tate Modern...



    Inside a Yayoi Kusama piece (looks like someone dropped water into a welding crucible)

  • A rare half-mattress.

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  • Salad will be heartbroken

  • I’d love to know the backstory to that.

  • I was hungry.

  • Does seem like there might be some heartbreak involved.

  • Makes you wonder where the other half is right now 🙂

  • Riots in Marseille this evening (still ongoing outside my house)

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  • Probably being used as improvised sound insulation by a hobbyist music producer.

  • Meanwhile in the UK we just tut at all our rights being eroded.

  • And some more

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  • You say riots but that just looks like a party.
    Great photos, thanks for posting ‘em.

  • One more, outside my door, street cleared with teargas and putting out the fires...

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  • Yeah, I've not had time to process the riot photos yet - here's another one from my phone (the one's with the tear gas being fired are on my camera).

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  • More picturesque Thames Estuary incoming…

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  • I keep forgetting there's this thread that I can post stuff in.

    I've been trying to make time to do some more photography recently so here's some from a couple walks around Glasgow.

    I'll split em across a couple posts actually.

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  • Next lot.

    I'm becoming aware I take a lot of 'imposing building with lone figure infront' shots so trying to mix it up a bit.

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  • Great page, well done everybody, some cracking shots

  • I echo this. Some wonderful shots.

  • Really loving these.

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Digital photography

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