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  • I dunno if it was me but yeah I use to use a 70-200 2.8 for a lot of my stuff but its broke now and unrepairable so Its an expensive paperweight now. Made me some decent money over the years so I cant moan.

    I also shoot differently now, I use primes (35,85 and 105) and sometimes 14-24 or the 24-70. I like primes and they are sharper than zooms but both on the D850 are unreal.

  • Glasgow evening

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  • Lovely light in that second one.

  • Few from yesterday.

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  • pupai.

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  • Out walking.

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  • That second one could be in Nebraska or Kansas…

  • Few more. Apols if flooding the thread a bit - just getting back into the swing of it and enjoy posting here.

    All taken on an X100 bought on this very forum in 2013.

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  • death ray

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  • Theres definitely some good spots down there and the walk is nice along the Thames. Would be nice to do some night photography down there.

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  • .

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  • Don't apologise - I really enjoy this thread and it's lovely having your photos here :-) I should probably start posting some myself...

  • :)

    On that note, some from this mornings ride.

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  • I would like to slowly get back into photography, and posting some of my older pictures on here would be a start.
    Which website do you recommend using? Is flickr still good or do you just upload them directly on lfgss?

  • Just upload directly to here

  • Alright! I'm a terrible photograph who basically doesn't know anything about photography. My method when travelling has always been to take thousands of pictures, which then results in around 30 nice-ish pictures, out of pure luck.
    Thus, all suggestions are welcome, whether it is about photography itself, or post-treatment, as I never do any (don't know anything about it).
    I'll try to post my pictures in chronological order over the course of several weeks, so hopefully you can see some progression.

    Some memories from Ecuador first :

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  • Fields.

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  • Nice! Cool to think of composition in a birds-eye 2D way.

  • Got a new lens. It’s nice.

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  • Few more. Apols if flooding the thread a bit - just getting back into the swing of it and enjoy posting here.

    Nah, don't apologise, great photos. Caught up with the last five pages of the thread, and it's inspiring me to get out and shoot having not been arsed to do so over the past year or so.

  • Any retouchers on here? Or anyone know anyone who does it? Might need some fashion portraits worked on next weekend.


  • I do some work for some skincare brands, the big one that has real people in it’s ads but they are very strict on what’s allowed so i’m not a ‘Beauty/hair retoucher’ and it’s not my specialism, i do use frequency separation and i’m not a ‘destructive splodger’ though!

    I’m also very busy this week so let me know if you get stuck rather than put me at the front of the queue.

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Digital photography

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