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  • the light is really nice on all of those. especially the last

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  • 2nded, mega interesting capture.

  • I feel in this thread I attend an abnormally low amount of protests....

    Couple of randoms. Willow, and a nice boat.

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  • Stags at dawn.

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  • Passo Campolongo, Dolomites

  • Jeez, the drama in that shot!

  • Indeed.

    Strong page all round

  • Just as a continuation of the shot on the other thread. The fire brigade seemed very adept at removing cars from precarious positions

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  • So was this just someone reversing stupidly and getting stupidly lucky (that there happened to be a boat there)?

  • The honest answer to that is 'I don't know'.. I was outlooking for something to photograph, and got a text from my partner saying 'Penny says they are about to rescue a car from the canal outside her apartment so it was already in the boat when I got there.

    I beleive that the owner was still there (and actually is in the other photo). Certainly she was rearranging bags and stuff in it once it was up. She /was/ driven away by the police but in her own car and all seemed to be smiles, so I think just a parking mistake. She may have been doing a 3 point turn but unlikely because the roads down the canals are one way (not impossible though if the road is blocked further up)

    There are no guard rails on a bunch of the canals, not least because where they do exist they are a trip hazard.

    The fire brigade had it up with no fuss at all. I guess it is not overly rare. I know four brits went in in their car in August, and a couple of years ago one went in opposite our apartment so I guess it just happens sometimes

  • It does just happen bizarrely.

    In Chichester my friends road backs onto a canal, and some old couple just drove straight odd the end of it. The theory is they meant to reverse, but instead just gassed it into the water.

  • Can anyone recommend a photographer to take a few shots of a v low key wedding ceremony in October? Nothing staged, but just some nice close ups etc.. would be of the ceremony + outside the building. Ideally someone who works with film, but cross posting this here to cover all bases.. thanks

  • Seen it twice on the Mersey. The roads on the Wallasey side are super steep, straight onto the promenade.

  • The third one is really strong!

    The colour palette reminded me of my favourite David Alan Harvey photo

    Really like the top and bottom ones too, what's the new camera?

  • Hi Hp93!

    Thanks! That caught my eye on the way back from the docks/port photo (4th) as the light was really good and the red light were contrasting.

    The new camera is a Sony Alpha 7 III with a Sigma 24-70mm 2.8. That combo is awesome!
    I really like the DR and being able to take those without overthinking the settings too much...

    Anywyas, thanks!

    Edit: That thread is so very good. Content is on point and I really like this page, it is strong!

  • Few Randoms.

    Squirrel with Nut.

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  • Tentative Gull.

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  • Life is Good.

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  • Squirrel with Nut.

    great shot! 🙂

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Digital photography

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