Crashes - blood, bones, broken stuff

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  • Show your war wounds, people/bikes that you destroyed, injuries, broken bones, nasty cuts/bruises, etc.

    last sunday: t-boned me.

    and last summer, every week this:

  • gnarly, dude ;)

  • Bonk.

  • wtf! what happened there?

  • bottom one was my own bars into my thigh.

  • disgusting, all of them.

    i love it

  • where do i start ?

  • @ Dan..broken? how did you manage that?

  • I could own this thread!

  • you owned my wheel in KRH, that much is true.

  • Nothing drastic to show, as I tend to dislocate thing and brake ribs.

  • Chain came off my SS while I was hammering up a gravel road. Destroyed bib knicks not illustrated. 19/06/2003

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  • And that's why you should always shave your legs. It's easier to apply the band aid.

  • Wasp sting to the eyelid while MTBing down by the river, 2002. The A&E doc was the same one who saw me a couple of months previously after I chipped my shoulder blade casing a jump, he suggested I take up something less hazardous.

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  • no polo no claim

  • no polo no claim

    True but come on it's pretty gnarly

  • no polo no claim


  • no polo no claim

    Ah, didn't notice that we were in the polo subforum.

  • if it didn't happen on court, it don't count.

  • I think, I'd have to go with Bupa to play polo :-)

  • ouch that is the worst injury so far a fucking paper cut eewwwww

  • My ego was hurt a couple of times on the court.

    Is there any way to put the whole sub(├╝ber)forum on ignore?

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Crashes - blood, bones, broken stuff

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