2010-05-02 - Isle of Wight Randonnee

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  • Oh man... those are awesome photos.
    Couldn't help but think of the fella at many of the familiar twists n turns

  • ha ha look what i also found!


    proper LOLS!

  • Pip, what camera/film did you use for these?

  • Rollei 35mm with 400 ISO B&W i think its the neopan

    No meter so some a little over but the lens is just amazing, you can also off set it on the mount and it gives you this nice tilt and shift look. you are not supposed to but it does work (pigfarmer loosened the catch trying to use it pissed at a party)

  • Hats off, you lot!

  • ha ha look what i also found!


    proper LOLS!

    Hehe, do these strictly belong in this thread? :)

  • ha ha look what i also found!

    Ha ha... I loved and loathed that bike in equal measure.

    A white RR Sport he may not have had...
    but she was definitely thinking about it : ))

  • really enjoyed gazing over to the white cliffs of the needles from the beach here at Poole today, satisfying feeling knowing whats humanly possible by bike.

  • well i just have to say that was a blast from start to finish.

    massive props to the daytrippers, campers and anyone in general doing that fixed. the conditions must have made it a bit of a chore at times. though have really enjoyed hearing the great accounts of the day on here. happy times indeed.

    lots of great memories of the weekend and will post as and when but for now:

    • staying with shoots and clintsmoker and their better halves in a nice homely cottage. the reason i have never done this ride in a day trip is that i think it is one to savour - and to really enjoy the social around. well i've never had it so good.

    • seeing loads, and i mean loads of friendly familiar faces at all corners of the island. and sorry to miss a few others that i know were out there.

    • rode over half of it with shoots one way or another and that made for a fast ride. the highlight being the last stage with shoots, texas and pip where the four of us did the whole stage and a very nice clip indeed. will, thanks for keeping the pace up on that one. and james, awesome breakaway as we turned right off the promenade and up that steep hill. you put a good 40/50 metres into the three of us for a very deserved stage and race win ;)

    • awesome riding from abi, tim's missus.

    • and really enjoyed riding my road bike round that route. in those conditions i was quite happy with my ride time of 4 hr 6 mins, with a 16.1 ave.

    reckon i will be back on the fixed next year though.

  • nice one posting up those pics of fiddy pip. we spoke about him a fair bit on the stage between yarmouth and east cowes - which was the main part i saw him at last year. except the pub of course.

    we all know for a fact he wouldn't even have mentioned the weather this year.

  • Hi all,

    I did a little post on my blog about this one, met some of you guys along the way as well!

    I was the chap with the gold leggings and tache.

    Anyways if you want a peruse http://stepneyqueens.blogspot.com/ . I have borrowed a photo of that climb from braker - hope that's ok?!


  • Here are some more pics (though not many as it was too bloody cold to stop and get camera out) from the weekend that was! An absolutely fab time indeed. Defs keen on next year.


  • Hey, Adrienne and I want to camp on the island this weekend. Take the train out tomorrow, ride for a little bit, get to a camp site (not too far from the ferry port?) and then go for a nice ride on Sunday, before getting the ferry/train back.

    Any advice? Camp sites? Ferry deals? Do I have to book the ferry in advance, or just show up? Any tips appreciated!

  • Let me think...
    We stayed here:
    £5 pp/pn. Its nice, but watch out for Beryll, she'll have your nads.
    We trained down from victoria to portsmouth then got the wightlink ferry across to fishbourne.
    The camp is about a mile from the ferry stop so if you've got a full pack/tent on its not so bad.
    Don't think there are any deals for train/ferry unless you're 4 peeps.
    Its awesome! Enjoy.

  • You can just roll up and get on the next ferry no problem. The place we stayed at Wooton isn't too far from either Cowes or Ryde, and is a fiver a night per person. Not the most amazing camp site but good enough, plus it's on the marked round the island route so you can follow it no probs.

  • Cheers guys! I think we may try and stay here: http://www.roebeck-farm.co.uk/index.htm

    It's close to the Kite Hill one, but the pictures in the gallery look a bit nicer :P

    So we'll buy tickets for the train and ferry on the day, and book the camp site now. Easy!

    Now need to figure out if we can leave our bags at the campsite while riding during the day, or if I need to borrow a trailer from someone (not doing a 100k with a tent and sleeping bag on my back!).

  • The train might be a bit cheaper to buy in advance, but I don't think it makes a difference to the ferry.

    I'd have thought you could just leave your stuff in the tent while you're out cycling, so no need to carry it all with you.

  • I've got a network rail card which gives discounts on day of travel for up to 4 people, so will just do that.

    I booked and they said we can leave our camping stuff at the site while we're riding.

    Should be good! Looking forward to this. (although it means we're missing the lmnh jumble).

  • my 1st big ride was the randonnee this year. got lost and ended up doing 85 miles :( what a tool ay! new to lfgss so hi 2 all :)

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2010-05-02 - Isle of Wight Randonnee

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