Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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  • put the mountain before the badger's house, make it much, much less specialist knowledge.

  • okay, let's try:

    • The top of a mountain is...
    • A badger lives in a...

    It's also not far from the station.

  • Peak sett? Summit sett?.. I feel daft now, I prefer clues along the lines of a google map pin.

  • You've nailed the badger's house.

    the opposite of low is...

  • Went today but couldn't find the tag, balls!

  • Found it at last, thought it would be Regent Street but entrance to Highsett is now Tenison Avenue.
    Left is old and right is new - we have got away from the station for this one:

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    • tag13.JPG
  • I know that one - and it's on my way home...

  • time for a clue?

  • It's taking RJB a long time to get home, maybe he stopped to pick some fruit on the way.

  • The sad thing is I have a picture of the tag on my phone - I've just not thought of anywhere good for the next one so haven't posted it yet...

  • Old one. Orchard Street, off Clarendon Street:

    New one. It might be too easy, but it'd be nice to get a bit quicker turnaround on tags:

  • That's practically a giveaway, I can tell from a mile off that it's a red phone box.

  • I figured that big old timey building in the background might give it away. But I guess we are in Cambridge...

  • Anyone got this yet?

  • Anyone got this yet?

    Just worked it out but will be getting the miles in tomorrow. Will try later if no one beats me to it.

  • I think Jimmy Corkhill knows it.

  • I think Jimmy Corkhill knows it.

    That's going back a bit!

  • That's going back a bit!

    My mum told me about him. I don't remember the 90s.

  • Left - old one, Brookside looking towards Leys School
    Right - new one, lets not have a big song and dance about it!

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  • If that's someones side gate. I fucking want it.

  • Know it, knee is borked!

  • Old one:

    I love that gate - cycle (commute) past it twice a day, and was going to use it as a tag myself... It's on Glisson Road, near Cambridge Performing Arts

    New one...

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  • Might be time for a clue, I guess?

    Cryptically - no more locksmiths on the road to Chatsworth?

    Less cryptically - you might go down this road on the way to the West Country...

  • I know exactly where this is AND it's on my way to work, I just don't have a good one to post once I claim it, so figured I'd leave it there until I did, in case someone else wants to claim it...

  • I know where it is............. new to this so i'll try get a new pic then post up if no one gets in first

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Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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