Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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  • Old location, St george Church.

    New location clue: the second caliph.

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  • Maybe i have another clue? its pretty vague

  • I hope that you are guided north by this second clue.

  • Should I do another clue? Sorry if they're overly opaque. I'm not the best at coming up with clues.

  • Yes please mate, got back into riding again recently, done 50 miles last weekend to ease myself back into it and i'd love an excuse to go again :)

  • Oh i never saw the second clue, perhaps along the guided busway headed north, that's my main riding location anyway so I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  • I think you're onto something...

    I like area based clues because I find it fun riding around an area trying to find something.

  • found it, after a solid hour researching lmao

  • Old:


    Hint: The natural limit to the luminosity of stars, or the radiation generated by accretion onto a compact object, is named in his honour.

    More hints available on request

  • Extra hint, near a big sainsburys

  • Love seeing Cambridge tags happening, good work. Always say what the old one was--in this case, I'm not sure what exactly @Belagerent intended, but the clue was for the Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre off Kirkwood Road, and the mast is next to its driveway.

  • Aye that was it Oliver.

    I think I have Connors, just need to make a trip out there...

  • I think I have Connors, just need to make a trip out there...

    Same. Need a morning/evening without the kids to make it happen though. At least it's the right side of town though.

  • That's why I never had kids. I wanted to focus on dominating the Cambridge bike tag thread.

    Old is Eddington, looking very different in the sun.

    New is ummmm, male co founder of Newnham college site.

    Nothing to do with the earth sciences museum apparently, it's spelt differently.

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  • Should I do a better clue?

    How about... It's located within the area between Grange and Queens Road.

  • (will try to sneak out this weekend - bet I get tagzumped)

  • Ooohh I got this, one sec

  • Old: Squire's Library (Law), West rd.
    New: Somewhere nearby, terrible at clues sorry.

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  • What a tiny door.

  • Will be up at 4.30am tomorrow hunting it down

  • Thought I knew this. I don't (glad I checked streetview!). Could be a forlorn ride in at the weekend, if I get out...

  • Haha yes, would have an easier time getting in through the one to its left.

  • Also got it but neglected to find a new spot!

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  • ^ Damn!

    Still can't figure out the new one. Didn't go into Camb, but had a nice ride in the countryside instead. Looking forward to being able to stop in a pub for a shandy and head back once some of them open.

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Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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