Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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  • Oliver never jokes. ;)

    I might try and pootle up from St Neots for this soon and try to end your three year unbeaten record! Shame the pubs will be shut though.

  • Dunno where the limits are considered but here we are.

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  • I’m fine with anything that brings it closer to me!

  • Here's my hint: It's on the West Cambridge site.

    Someone go find it. I can't be bothered to leave the house to cycle "just for the joy of cycling" and need the structure of a game like this.

  • Yup. I know it. I just need to get a weekend morning with no teething child to sooth. Would be a nice ride out and back (and it would be even better with a pub open in one of the villages on the way!). Alarm set for Saturday am...

  • I have a photo of it, just need to set a location. :)

  • Hope people don't mind out-of-towners playing occasionally. If you do, no bother, I had a lovely ride in any case.

    Sorry about the tagzumping, @ConnorMcGinty, but I thought after two months it was fair to move the game on. :)

    Old: This appears to be the Schlumberger-Gould Research Centre (OpenStreetMap) or Schlumberger Cambridge Research (Google Maps). I'm not sure what the exact address is, but it looked as if the main entrance is on Charles Babbage Road.

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  • And this is what it looks like from the other side:

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  • New: This is where in former times people used to go to swap their callouses for something else.

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  • Yeah, Schlumberger does research and stuff in there, and also test hardware. (At least they used to in 2010 or 11 when I was on a tour of the facilities as one of the interns from the Abingdon office) (csb)

  • Super sorry, been very pre-occupied with work.

    Only ever remember this exists when someone posts and i get an email

  • Ha, well, you never know, it might give @Belagerent the structure needed to go for a ride. :)

  • My clue is that it's a bridge

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  • The old tag was obviously the Corn Exchange. I've only been in Cambridge a handful of times, but I saw a play there once, so I thought I'd tag it, as it's easy (and as I was surprised to find it hadn't been done yet).

  • I know that bridge well, what do I do next?

  • Ride up there. Take a picture of your bike (not you) there. Then do the same somewhere else in Cambridge, that hasn't yet been tagged, and post both here.

    I can't remember where that is. So I'm unlikely to get it.

    (I'm also unlikely to get a free few hours away from the kids to do so at the moment - it's a bit of a way from us for them to ride also)

  • Cheers, will do that this weekend if it's not already snaffled!

  • CLUE: The dragon did this, and lost

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  • Located the above at the Fort St George, which is what the dragon did.

    My clue is this pub isn't called the plough, but it has the same number of stars.

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  • Weather is getting better... Do I need to give a better clue?

  • no, it’s easy

  • I have located it and taken a pic!

  • Will find a new location and post today

  • Found it, the war memorial on Newmarket Road.

    New location clue: see my last location

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Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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