Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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  • Old, Trumpington street:


    Sorry for small pics, if you can't quite see I can try and upload a larger version

  • Old, Mill Pond.


  • dat seatpost

  • Old one;

    Under that roundabout at the end of East Road near the Grafton.

    New one:

  • Old, Tennis Court Christ's.


  • dat seatpost

    haha rory is a giant, way over 6ft

  • Haha yeah 6Ft 9"

  • Old - that lil cut through off trinity street/ kings parade:


  • Old, Orchard Street.


  • So I couldn't make the alley cat because I'm still stuck at work like a jabroni. But I did manage to go out and get the latest tag.

    Peterhouse College, Trumpington St:

    New one (feels like it could've been done before):

  • There was an Alleycat?

  • Old, Cavendish labs (Free School Lane).


  • could just be me, but I can't see your pics rory

  • Nah, I can't see the pics either unfortunately :(

    @roryw97 Yeah, there was an alley cat on Friday I think it was, last week. I only remembered about it when Ric in BA mentioned it. I think there's a plan to do another in September or something.

  • Posting on behalf of Rory.

    Old, Cavendish labs (Free School Lane).


  • Anyone going to find this?

  • give us a clue boss

  • Underneath a shopping centre.

  • A grand one, I'd say...

  • Rory, that drop.... :'(

  • you people are hopeless.... Grand arcade carpark bottom floor

  • Nobody wants to go to the Grand Arcade it seems. Can we kick-start with this one?

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    • tag-31.jpg
  • no idea where it is but thanks for starting the wheel rolling again !!!

  • I think I know. Will try to get it tomoz. Might get a bit of croc n roo to fuel the journey home...

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Cambridge hipsters unite - a game of bicycle tag

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