Ways not to lock your bike

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  • I left my Apollo unlocked outside the supermarket in Melbourne for 7 years. I think it was the day/week before I left for the UK, one of the security guards wandering around the centre said I couldn't leave bikes here. I just said something like "7 years bro" and carried on with life.

    It was a rad / piece of shit Apollo though

  • that has to be some kind of record.


  • Look at this awesome machine. Haggled some dude at a garage sale down to $60AUD for it when I was a kid and then proceeded to replace as much as I could with "alloy" because everyone knew alu stuff was better than that heavy steel shit...

    Swapped cranks for Sugino, pedals are Bear Trap BMX pedals with the cages removed (I did a lot of barefoot riding), I think the bars are original, the gears were upgraded from 5spd to 6spd and the wheels swapped from steel rims to alu rims. All over the course of 10-15 years.

    It wouldn't get out of the big ring, the saddle always tilted during rides and the brakes were not super brakey...

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  • Wow. that's a proper flashback there.

    Those pedals look a bit nuts though. The though of barefoot cycling here is just mind bending

  • I know right, should be using octagonal O's like the rest of us

  • Pretty good work, 2 grams of weed though, did they really need to weigh that.

    Seen/heard LOADS of bike theft across rural Scotland (mostly MTB) going overseas, been happening more and more the last few decades but since 2016 its got really big. Bikes turning up in Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria (and a few others). Balken area is kinda new in noticeable numbers since 2018, a Serb gang operate near me (drugs in, pretty much anything they want out) in Glasgow. Police are either oblivious, never get enough evidence to get a prosecution or they are the group are too powerful for local plod to even begin to tackle.
    Saw a guy sitting in his ground floor flat last night with easily 40k of bikes on display in his front window, thought about giving them a knock and suggesting it was a bad idea, but in the past when I've done this been met with a bunch of abuse.

  • By the London eye this afternoon... Locking skills.

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  • nice one šŸ‘

  • ^^ I'm sure you posted this when you knew the owner had retrieved the bike, but it's always worth a reminder that in general it's best to avoid giving a location for badly-locked bikes.

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Ways not to lock your bike

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