Ways not to lock your bike

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  • Just got bitchlocked in Germany yesterday. Waited for around half an hour but nobody came.

    Luckily it was a Chain, so I informed police, got a saw from a workshop nearby and re-linked his chain with my d-lock, leaving a note that I will come to get it in the evening (so he could take his bike at least while leaving the locks) when I came back, bike was still locked but I brought a super cheap Eurostore chain lock to link it back together.

    A little bit of a hassle but I think it was an honest mistake and worth the work from my side because mistakes happen and it was quite a nice Bergamont Gravel bike.

    Just thought I’d share to show how you can still leave bitlockers bike at least a bit secured.

  • how you can still leave bitlockers bike at least a bitlocked

    fixed that for you

  • Stratford Shopping Centre, not the cyclists' fault obv:


  • If you locked the front wheel and frame as well as rear wheel and frame your bike would still be pretty hard to steal.

  • I was struggling to recognise which part of Stratford, London, this was.

    I was thinking it may have been Stratford upon Avon, but now I know

  • I thought I recognised Stratford ! Those houses in the background is like the bit on The Broadway where that footballer's pub was. Dumbass.

  • Collected while working over the last year. Look close at those cable locks. Fahgettaboudit is personal highlight.

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  • Fahgettaboudit is personal highlight.

    It could be tactical, lock is probably more valuable than the bike so this way the thieves wont cut it.

  • I should know better but got complacent with my MTB as this was right by my front door while I was home, had it locked with just the rear wheel secured with a D-lock and a cable through the frame, and just discovered this, lesson learnt:

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  • Gutted, similar thing happened to me once, in my haste I didn't realise only cable was securing it. I now have one end of the cut kryp cable in my bag as a constant reminder to myself.
    Hope it turns up!

  • Ha, that's a good one way of reminding yourself yeah... I've only got myself to blame, was aware I'd locked it that way, but only meant to leave it that way temporarily while home before bringing it indoors this evening, that's when I discovered the theft, so annoyed with myself.

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Ways not to lock your bike

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