Ways not to lock your bike

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  • Yeah tbh I was on my lunch break and I waited for over half an hour stood there before I started cutting (called work and they were cool with it)
    I don't think it was an accident tbh usually people lock other bikes up so they can come back later and strip them I find it hard to believe it was an accident especially when my top tube was lower than the bike lock bar

  • Someone's nicked half of this bike. Absolutely gutting.

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  • Haha [whiplash from multiple double takes here]

  • Seems pretty harsh just leaving their bike totally unsecured.

    Disagree, if you fail to engage your brain when locking up you absolutely deserve to have your bike left unsecured.

  • Bikepacking uni-rig?

  • I think getting your bike nicked is a pretty high price to pay for not paying enough attention. Getting your bike nicked because you're using it to try and nick someone else's is obviously different.

  • If you’re paying little enough attention to not notice bitch locking someone then you’re probably paying little enough attention to not have noticed if you even got the lock round the bike stand properly.

    I’d say the repercussions should act as a deterrent from being stupid/a reminder to pay attention.

    I think if it became socially/legally unacceptable to cut a lock that was bitch locking you then you might find it happening a lot more often.

  • If this happened near enough to where you live/work (and you have somewhere you can secure your bike without requiring your lock) one option would be to re-lock their bike with your lock, leaving a note saying they can call you and arrange an unlock within the next X hours, otherwise you'll be coming back to pick your lock up...

    The 2nd most annoying bitchlock is the one through a brake/gear cable... you can fix it and extract your bike, but you'd really rather not have to and if someone turns up with a key once you've started the process they're getting both barrels...

  • I suppose that's fair enough to an extent. I guess I'm a bit more sympathetic because generally don't pay anywhere near as much attention as I should to some things.
    Owl's suggestion seems the best to me, I guess the downside is the risk that the other person would just cut through your lock rather than wait around for you to unlock it.

  • I guess this counts - cyclist getting a parking ticket for obstructing a pedestrian highway.

    Though, the picture doesn't really show any obstruction, the bike isn't locked & ticketing a bike is hardly going to work, is it? Just put it in a bin.

  • Less of a ways to not lock your bike as a remember where the bloody hell you left it locked.
    No image as it was my wife’s bike. Taken from Three Bridges Station. She hadn’t been to the office for over a week so there’s no way of pin-pointing a spot on the cctv coverage. Most worryingly she can’t remember exactly where she locked it and sub-consciously thought ‘I’m never going to remember where I’ve locked this’ as her normal spot was taken.

  • looks like its inside a cafe area, they will have a license for having their chairs and barriers on the pavement, feel like locking a bike to or inside that is fine. If it was left side ways across a narrow bit of path so that a wheelchair/pram couldn't get past then maybe fair enough, doesn't look like that though.

    Bitch locking, had it happen a few times, thankfully each time an accident on the others behalf. Turns out employers don't really accept 'someone bitch locked me outside morrisons' as a reason for being 30 mins late back from lunch.

  • Surely that's totally unenforceable?

  • Totally. Waste of time.

  • +1 for locking the frame and wheel
    -100000 for not locking it to anything

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  • ..to be fair also +1 for matching cute lock colour to frame

  • Been meaning to take a picture of this for months.

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  • Imagine coming back to find your bike like that. You’d be crushed.

  • It’d totally flatten you wouldn’t it?

  • Took me a while to realize what's bike and what's rail in this picture.

  • There's more than one bike in there!

  • Tetsuo Ironman will sort that out.

  • Anyone in Camden got an angle grinder / bolt cutter NOW?

    I have been bitch locked!

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Ways not to lock your bike

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