Ways not to lock your bike

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  • Side by side in the City, for the moment—it’s not actually clear from the photo, but that U lock does not go around the stand.

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  • .

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  • Saw this and thought it looked cool - Rudge ‘Breakaway’ type MTB and realised it is nearly impossible to lock one of these up safely... 🤔

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  • Any reason not to go for a OnGuard Brute d-lock? Seems the same rating as a kryptonite new york but a third the price.

  • You can get a Hiplok D for a fiver more. Best lock on the market IMO and stellar customer service as well.

  • It might have the same rating but it's not as secure, the shackle is thinner (there's a very clear difference in weight if you pick them both up).

    It's a perfectly decent lock though, if a little agricultural feeling. I'd say it's more secure than the Hiplok D.

  • Just looked, you are right it's 16.8mm vs 18mm. My understanding is anything over 16mm is too big for hand croppers and electric grinder will eat both, so think the Brute will be fine as can get two for the same money, seems like keeping the mechanism lubed is the biggest issue with the OnGuard locks but had the same problem with an old kryptonite

  • Not sure what happened here, but one can assume it was a good example of what not to do.

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  • That's is awful. Must have been a decent bike to be worth the effort, and a fair amount of time with a power tool.

    Justifies my philosophy of not using the Sunday best when needing to lock up.

    My only question is why would a thief cut so close to the ground..makes me think it might have been damaged by a car or truck and temporarily removed by the council.

  • That’s not been cut. Someone has given that a good boot and yanked it back and forth until it snapped.

  • Ways not to bitch-lock other people's bikes

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  • I saw this on my lunch break today, they only want their rear wheel and helmet.. lol

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  • Oops. Did you manage to get it free or just ride the other fella’s bike home?

  • I sent a pic of the bike in an email to our bike users group at work (it's a big organisation) and someone recognised it and got the offender to release it. Result.
    It's the second time this same person has done this to me too!

  • It's the second time this same person has done this to me too!

    Obviously this person has a crush on you!
    : ]

  • Nice Principia

  • I'm totally failing to see what is bitch locked?

    Looks like the Aventon is locked with one d lock on the frame and one around the downtube and front wheel and the Principia isn't locked at all? Does the dlock that's on the downtube of the Aventon also go around the downtube on the Principia?

  • I'd assume that one of the locks is not Ruserius' lock and that the other party simply locked the wrong bike by accident while leaving their own bike unlocked, or at least not locked with this lock.

  • Correct, my top tube was locked instead of the Principia's, which was left completely unlocked.

  • Aw shit, I thought if anything it’d have been the other lock that was there’s! How do you get it that wrong?!

  • someone at work with a crush?

  • How in gods name did they manage that?!

  • other party simply locked the wrong bike by accident while leaving their own bike unlocked

    obviously they want you to now lock theirs with your lock

    you must be new at this

  • leave a clue in an envelope and lead them on a treasure hunt to your key / desk

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Ways not to lock your bike

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