Ways not to lock your bike

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  • A kleptocloche.

  • Hahaha! Safety-minded scrote.

  • I had some of those spoke reflectors on my bike stolen years ago. Cost me £1 and must have taken at least 10 minutes to remove them all. You're paying yourself at less than minimum wage you stupid fucking thief bastard!

  • A grasp of rudimentary logic/economics may evade the tea-leaf.

  • I had some of those spoke reflectors on my bike stolen years ago. Cost me £1 and must have taken at least 10 minutes to remove them all.

    Come to think of it it would be a much funnier / safety-minded prank to just spend a few £ on reflectors and attach them to people's bikes

  • This happened to my bike when I was a young child. It was locked inside the grounds at the bike rack in view of the teachers.

    At primary school.

  • Probably just a teacher that hated you.

  • At the public underground car park yesterday.
    He/she regularly locks it up like this.
    To be fair, the bike racks here are in the the underground car park, right in front of the reception, and under permanent camera surveillance. But still...

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  • Leave a note with a link to this thread.

  • That type of rack is so shit in many ways. Also I don't think CCTV/being in a public area etc. is necessarily a deterrent, sadly. Fingers crossed for the owner!

  • It's in France, and while Paris is as bad as London for bike thefts, in smaller towns like this it's proportionately less of a problem. I met one of the guys who works for the parking management company here last year, he told me that since they'd installed the cameras a year or so earlier, they'd only had one reported theft attempt, a guy tried to pinch a wheel, and they identified him and recovered the wheel.
    But the racks are crap, yes.

  • I had look further down the same bike rack this morning, and it's like a case study in how not to lock up your bike....

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  • More of the same...

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  • Ha well if everyone's doing it. There isn't a huge choice of methods when the racks are that awful.

  • We have those racks too. Not having to consider a derailleur, I stick my back wheel in the rack and chuck a chain-lock round the chainstays, spokes and rack. To be honest though, any would be thief could probably cut through the rack a lot quicker than my lock...

  • Soho...

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  • I’m surprised this has taken as long as it has. Bike has been there untouched for about 3-4 months in a carpark visible from the park entrance and I’m pretty sure it was on the cable lock you see cut. Since Monday the front wheel has gone and I’m not sure what’s going on with the D locks. It looks a bit like it has been double bitch-locked.

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Ways not to lock your bike

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