Ways not to lock your bike

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  • hahaha yeah Cameron 'locked' his up like that! What a fucking stupid cunt.

  • I wouldn't trust him to operate a mop.

  • Crazy fool secured it with a common tree living dead animal...


  • i keep seeing this rather nice bike locked up in hampstead, rather shittly. would it be silly/twatish to write a note informing them to not lock up their £600 bike through two spokes?

  • Leave a note saying that the next time you see the bike locked like that you'll have no choice but to steal it. That'll spur the fool into action.

    On the otherhand, some curious scally may take an interest in the note and then realise that the bike is for the taking and be away with it.

  • i wonder what goes through these peoples heads when they lock it up, im guessing that they actually have to convince themselves its safe there before they leave it. #

    even though its not.

  • ed's hallway

  • ed's hallway


  • ha, i was trying to find a before and after shot

  • should have locked them to the step ladder

  • The stepladder is for Rob to get on the bike.

  • .

  • brings a tear to the eye....

  • why do we spend money on bike locks when a padlock to a spoke will do

    actually just put a big enough padlock on to the rim and it wont fit through the fork.

    simples- why did i not think of this before?

    just remembered, - i want to keep my bike

  • theres a rubbish mountain bike always 'locked' near me,
    where there is a big black chain which never leaves the bike rack, and the owner of the bike just wraps it around each time he leaves it there, but it looks too heavy duty for anyone to attempt a theft

  • i very sleepily locked my bike to thin air outside the library the other day
    five hours later I got back and my bike was still locked to thin air.
    miracle scenes!

    that spoke padlocking is awesome :D

  • ^^did it once. didn't walk away. checked to see who was watching, facepalmed, then fixed.

  • brings a tear to the eye....

    I am giving benefit of doubt - we only see the wheel. Maybe the frame/back wheel are locked up nice and tight with 4 fugs.. Who knows.

  • Haahaha!! That's too funny! :D

  • Originally Posted by 31trum
    ed's hallway

    Ha, you mean bastid.

  • spotted this today in south london

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  • That's just wow, £80 for a lock, and the idiotic ketchup though it's secure enough to just lock it with a front wheel that have quick release.

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Ways not to lock your bike

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