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  • Gendy Tarkovsky innit.

    checkout "Primal" when you're done.

  • I'd spotted that! Doing one then the other.

  • Worked my way through the snowpiercer prequel part 1&2. Not bad but also not sure what it really adds...but haven't read 3 yet.

    Read before the Incal and it's actually good I think. I normally find prequels a bit mwah but it really expands on the madness of the city the incal plays out in.

    From Jodorowski definitely read The Metabaron absolutely madness & greatness.

  • Decided to try and get as many Batman The Killing Joke comics as I can.
    I think there are 14 different covers (well, text colour on the cover)

    If anyone has a copy they want rid of, let me know.
    Sadly they are not worth a great deal (1st editions are about £50-70, but the rest are about £5-15)

  • AWA Upshot are knocking some decent reads out at the moment.

    Not All Robots is great, near(?) future where a "house robot" works and everyone in the household doesn't.
    Then there is an Anti-Human / Antin-Robot uprising at the same time.
    It's a little satirical, I am reading it like a Paul Verhoven movie and am loving it.

    Out - typical WW2, Nazis recruit demons type affair. Enjoying the first couple of issues, will finish the 5 comic run.

  • Just spent £80 on my standing order, probably 6-9mths worth of comics in there. Have been particularly slack in getting out to it, during pandemic.
    I’m thinking of swapping my standing order duties to gosh on Berwick st, but haven’t really brought comics in there, used to go their old space opposite the british museum
    Anyone have any issues with them? Or what about mega city in Camden?
    Or are their any online comic shops that are worth contacting?
    Would prefer to not have to deal with forbidden planet?

  • Anyone interested in buying a complete set of Mark Millar’s ‘Reborn’ (issue 1-6, Image Comics)?

    All Great cond. each issue bagged and boarded. Can share images if anyone interested.

    Open to offers

  • Late to reply here, but Megacity comics used to be my regular comic book shop when my office was still in Camden (over 6 years ago now). They were really great in there, recommended me loads of good series which I enjoyed. Always think of them fondly whenever I go pass a comic book shop now.

  • Had a find in the loft. A box of complete sets of Marvel comics from 1982-1992. Spiderman, Avengers, Thor, Nam, Iron Fist, Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4, and more...
    Groo, anyone? Complete set

  • Fucking yes, Saga is back, didn't realise as I'd given up obsessively checking a while ago

  • I've had my standing order with gosh comics for about 10 years now and they've always been excellent.

  • If anyone visits Basildon for some god0forsaken reason, I can recommend The Cartoon Shop in the galleries in Eastgate.
    Cantankerous git that runs the place, John, is good for a chat.

    Always adds stuff to my grab bag that I don't read (but thinks I might like)
    Not bothered if I say no.
    Usually costs me a fortune to visit him though as I have a few standing orders.

  • I'm asking this here as well as in the mum's and dad's thread. firstborn is almost 4, and I want to get him more engaged with reading, read somewhere that comics are great for kids literacy, are there any recommended comics for 4-5yr olds that preferably don't involve super heroes?

    I was thinking of buying some calvin and hobbes and reading those to him, but not sure he'd get them, even though he has a cat that goes with him everywhere.

    Let me know.

  • I may stating the obvious if so sorry, also its very general direction and most of it not for 5yr old but you know they grow so fast and all that.
    Europe comics­children/

    Muricans has Boom comics imprint kaBoom!
    Some of it also translated European reissues­/

  • Humble Bundle have a (digital) comics collection of "Leading Ladies" in Image comics.
    Looks like a good collection (Saga, I hate Fairyland, Monstress, + more) but mainly worth it for Paper Girls alone, my favourite series in recent years.

    Ends today, but worth £20 of anyones money.

  • Just "won" a CGC 9.0 graded Killing Joke (green letters) for £85.

    Not sure how much of a bargain it is, but pretty pleased to get a slabbed copy in my collection.
    That will be the 2nd 1st edition I have, along with 3rd + 4th prints.

    Do want a pink lettered, if anyone has one?
    Sadly not worth much, maybe £20 on a good day.

    Have vague plans to get prints 1-14 (all the variations, I believe) but the later ones are hard to come by, likely because they are not remotely collectable and not worth much.
    (so let me know if you have any you may want to move)

  • Anyone going to MCM Comicon this weekend?
    Thinking about popping in on Friday

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