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  • While we wait for someone to venture south, or slightly north, we can all go and enjoy an evening at the theatre related to a recent tag.­ov/21/operation-mincemeat-fringe-theatre­-musical-west-end-spitlip

  • Personally I'd rather go to my own, live, dissection than go to the theatre but others might feel different.

  • driech, adj. /driːx/

    II. With largely negative connotation.
     4. a. Long, lengthy, protracted, esp. excessively, tediously, or dispiritingly so; (of a road or way) long and wearisome; (of speech or other communication) prolix, long-winded.
     c. Slow, sluggish; (of a person) tardy or reluctant to begin or do something; dilatory; spec. slow to pay for something or settle debts
      e. Of weather: rainy, overcast, or cold; dreary, bleak. Also: characterized by such weather
     6. a. Difficult or dangerous to reach or negotiate; inaccessible; steep. Obsolete.

  • I should probably tag this.

    But. Driech.

  • Driech over… have an enforced rest period starting tomorrow so thought I’d get one in first:

    Edited to be on streetview, less than 200m from where I originally placed it if you’d found that already.

    New: a banana barrel-maker’s barn?

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    • CFC4EE56-60F5-47F5-A1B9-694F095F8885.jpeg
  • Old: ‘touchstone’ (melted butt plug) sculpture at Oval Triangle, Brixton Road/Camberwell New Road/Kennington Park Road

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    • D6FB5DA2-CBE9-41D1-A07B-CDCEABD91F42.jpeg
  • Nice.

  • Happened to see it on way back from Tuesday hills and only realised now I'd been tagzumped

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    • PXL_20221122_210350333.jpg
  • OLD: Devonshire square.

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    • P1024691.JPG
  • NEW: A bit of a failed tag. I was looking for a plaque that apparently was unveiled yesterday to mark an almost forgotten tragedy from 1980 on a street that no longer exists (as such, it's in the picture). But I could not find the plaque. Bonus points for anyone that does.

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    • P1024694.jpg
  • The previous clue was:

    Most common banana varietal = Cavendish = family name of Duke of Devonshire
    Barrel-maker = cooper

  • V grim, but interesting story though no chance to tag this weekend. Depressing how such tragic events can just seemingly disappear from the cultural psyche.

  • Indeed. Very grim. I'm surprised I have no recollection of the event, even though at the time I was working night shifts for the AA in central London and would've been of a similar age to those no longer with us as a result of this event.

  • If anyone needs a clue, just ask.

  • Old: site of 1980 arson attack, plaque just inside the outernet venue, formerly Denmark place. Tagged with @.ben

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    • 2Q==.jpeg
    • 983B7D46-AF97-4D27-92CC-31991288542F.jpeg
  • New: to be found in the middle of the Swiss flag?

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    • 402127D2-4E7B-4C86-B494-073F89F9D51A.jpeg
  • Old: Whitecross Street, opposite Barbican cinemas.

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    • PXL_20221128_210811766.jpg
  • New: Stimulant to get out about and get tagging

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    • PXL_20221128_211909129.jpg
  • I have a vague feeling that’s been done, but I can’t find it in the search…

  • It was on the last tag day. I'd say this still stands

  • Also thought so, but not on map, or any key word search. Not fussed if a different view is taken on its validity.
    What was the Whitecross one about?

  • Anyone got a link to that ride thread?

  • Thanks. I'd never have got it otherwise.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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