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  • Nowhere near that old—the former Nicholson gin distillery, grade II listed 1972, List Entry Number: 1208769:

    J&W Nicholson was a London based gin distiller and m c.1808-9 set up their business in Woodbridge Street, London. The business quickly expanded and in 1828 a new complex of buildings was erected on St John Street. Gin distilling was an essential trade in 19th century London and was particularly concentrated in Finsbury.
    The former Nicholson's Gin Factory comprises Nos. 187-211 and was built in stages. The northern section was constructed in 1828 with piecemeal development continuing the site until 1894. […] The buildings were designed as offices and were intended to have a friendlier style in yellow and brick stonework. The facade is described in Pevsner's, The Buildings of England: London 4: North, as 'architecturally prominent'.
    […] Nicholson's Distillery closed in the late 1950s, and in the late 1990s was partially rebuilt and converted to apartments. The Facade dates partly from 1828 but is mainly of later nineteenth century origin. Nicholson's remained a family business until after the Second World War, but following its takeover by the lnd Coope group, the whole of the Clerkenwell premises was put up for sale in 1961. Contemporary photographs recorded unremarkable industrial interiors. After this date, the buildings were occupied mainly by firms in the meat trade.

  • Nice new tag. When I was trying to find aglet's tag from the first clue I could only find the one I tagged so I thought the same clues might lead people to it.

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  • OLD Chiswell Street.

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  • NEW: continuing a theme and moving it marginally westwards. It's the building my bike is leaning on.

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  • Clue.

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  • um... gin, Hogarth, city of london...

    looks very familiar but as yet not found it at the places i thought it might be.

  • My first thought from the Hogarth was St Giles but I haven't found it yet.

  • I got it from something in the background (!) but I now realise how easy the clue really is.

  • 10 November 1697

  • Aha. They are all easy when you know... I'm probably near on Wednesday.

  • 10 November 1697

    ah, gotcha.

  • Old:

    Hogarth House (birth place of Will Hogarth), Bartholomew Close

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  • New:

    At risk of labouring the theme, I hope this provides a tonic for someone.

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  • Clue:

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  • I'm pretty sure that I have it - and it isn't George Schweppes original HQ in Dean Street.

  • Apparently Kingsley Amis liked to add a dash of Angostura bitters.

  • If this isn't gone by Friday someone will say they are going to get it.

  • Old tag. Mountford House, Britten Street EC1. Apparently site of the old Booth's distillery and next door to the old Red Lion Distillery.­clerkenwell/­-london/vol46/pp164-181#h3-0008

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  • New tag. From Gin to Tin

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  • Not entirely accurate :-P The Booths distillery was actually on Turnmill Street. In 1976 the distillery building was demolished, and the decision was made to move the friezes to Britten Street where they are today.
    Given the location of the old one, and the letters on your new one, I recon I could make a half decent guess on the new one with ease.

  • That's not what it says here:

    In 1770 they expanded onto the opposite side of Cowcross Street and further onto Britton street.­clerkenwell/

  • Check the last paragraph before the map on your link.

  • Is the new one visible on StreeView? Even if PLA stands for what I think it does I'm no nearer to finding it.

  • I've not seen it on streetview, but it looks like a hoarding, so may be quite recent

  • Yes, I see what you mean.

    The history suggests that Booth's had facilities on Turnmill Street, Cowcross St and Britton St so whilst the building in my tag isn't the original building, the location is broadly at one of the original gin producing facilities... I think! :-)

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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