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  • NEW: clue to follow.

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  • Too big to fit in a bottle.

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  • Need another clue?

  • got it, but not sure if the breeze will blow me in that direction this weekend.

  • Nope. On my way there post job.

  • Anyone else need more help, since Ben has disappeared?

  • Know where it is, but don’t really want to go there

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  • I didn't really want to go and look at a half buried toilet in West Ham but duty calls.

  • Ask not what tag can do for you, ask what you can do for tag.

  • Old: yinka shonibare’s sail sculpture , howick place SW1E

    New: cavendish’s least favourite virus

    tagging with @.ben

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  • Well done. Annoyingly work when on to late so didn’t get chance to get it.

  • dont all rush at once..

  • OLD: Pan statue, Edinburgh gate. No idea what the clues were about.

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  • NEW: search suggests this topical location has not been tagged before. I have back ups if it has.

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  • Oh, the sculpture is also called Rush Of Green.

  • Old: Downing Street
    New: Big dog needs a new home

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  • Big dog needs a new home

    It probably doesn't help that this refers to the place next door to the tag. The power went to my head.

  • More clue or wrong kind of sun?

  • My turn for Covid; confined to barracks

  • Tempted to go get this....just struggling for ideas for a new tag...

  • a motto for the btob thread ?

    been exploring lots of little streets in the oldest parts of london in recent weeks. around st pauls down to monument and on to the tower of london , up and down each parallel street, down each narrow alley. around fleet street and the royal courts of justice yesterday and the city around cornhill and london wall etc a few days back. some fascinating stuff in there, i've never really explored even though i worked in some of these areas for many years, usually just cycling past them on the way to somewhere else or head down and heading to the tube after a long day

    maybe the highlight was st dunstans church, never seen that before, a cool old abandoned church so tranquil and peaceful, surrounded and hemmed in by modern buildings on all sides. felt both spacious and grand while being claustrophobic at the same time

    and there are so many churches and small floral garden dotted around these areas for quiet contemplation or to nosh your big mac on lunch break . wish i had taken advantage of them at the time.

    needless to say i have a few ideas for my next tag just need a nice easy one in e15 to get the ball rolling !

  • Does anyone know if the maps with previous tags are totally upto date?

  • Don't think so. Best to search the thread as well. Or just go for it and wait for someone to call RT.

  • They stopped being updated several years ago, but that coincided with the Schick Protocol where written descriptions of tags must be given for searchability.

  • Hahahaha no. I have just seen however, which might be relevant some time given Tory shenanigans

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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