Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • The first clue made it pretty easy. Didn't bring it any closer to Hackney.

  • Didn't bring it any closer to Hackney.

    The pedant in me would beg to differ, but yes, still a long way. Glad the clues work though.

  • Built at the same time as the one in a garden in west London.

  • New: take the lift (topical)

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  • Old: The Blackheath Pagoda, Pagoda Gardens

  • Someone had to tag it today, it's in the theme of my previous tag too given it's what I do

  • The lamp posts give it away.

  • Annoyingly was here earlier, but only on a dockless hire e-bike, so may have struggled to find a new tag.

  • Anyone need another clue?

  • Old: Liverpool Street station; Blomfield Street Crossrail entrance

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  • New:

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  • Literally tagzumped by making a cup of tea.

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  • Ha.

    Now you know how I have felt.

    EDIT: This is a joke, for those who think that there is anything more. If I wanted to 'annoy' will I would have quoted and replied to him ;)

  • Tant pis.

  • Bindone, at least I think it has. Can't find it in the thread though

  • I did look. It has been moved and rotated recently, so plead novelty on that basis if it does turn up

  • I think you can get away with it

  • The old tag, more specifically, was the inclined lift (hence the italics) at the station entrance. Crossrail have introduced several of them and they are massively slow so will be taking the Brompton on the escalators next time.

  • Thank goodness I got the novelty lift in shot, not like that amateur Will. Clue:

    Abrogated, shaken, charged with love (9,6)

  • OLD: The Broadgate Venus

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  • NEW: Back to a very recent topic. Took a leaf out of aglet's book and carried a spare bike with me.

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  • I've never noticed before how closely those bollards resemble giant lemon squeezers.

  • Old: farringdon Elizabeth line station

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  • New:
    A clue, in the intervening time

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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