Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • Ah soz missed your clue request til this am.

    For anyone else:

    No idea if Charlie work ed in this particular institution, but I gather he did in one of the London house s at some point.

  • It's ok, I was on the right track, just didn't put in the effort.

  • East Street

    Aaargh what a terrible error, of course. Used to live just by East Road in ‘Oxton, have always confuzled them since

  • Don’t @ me yeah soz about that too

  • Old: Camberwell workhouse infirmary, Havil Street SE5

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  • New:

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  • Old: Tobacco Dock, Pennington Street

    New: Alcohol is to cigarettes like Remus is to...?

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  • I vaguely remember this being tagged before, but can't find any evidence. Happy for it to be challenged.

  • Might be the booze talking...

  • OLD: Canonbury Rd.

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  • NEW: clue to follow

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  • What links a Swedish ceremony and five rings?

  • Phone pic of the SLR screen I assume? Like it.

    Romulus Wine Merchants, for completeness

  • And there was I thinking that its somewhere near The Snowdon Aviary.

  • Nope, SLR pic of phone screen. My phone is refusing to deal with email attachments.

  • Got it. PNBPG.

  • If anyone needs another clue, let me know.

  • Old. Philip Noel-Baker Peace Garden, Elthorne Park, N19

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  • New Tag.

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  • I hate to say, but isn't this a re?

  • On past form it'll be a week or two before anything happens unless someone else wants to pop out to Elthorne Park quickly.
    The peace garden is named after the only person to win an Olympic medal and a Nobel prize. It's a self-portrait of the artist but I always think that from behind it looks like a statue of a man peeing in to the water feature.

  • Pretty sure that was where my Lemon Jelly clue was set, forgot about the doubling up of Nathan Bowen artwork

  • I got that tag and didn't recognise it but unlike oat I have a life. It's not much of one admittedly.
    We recently had a tag where an old tag was in the pic but wasn't the new tag whereas here it's hard to say the two examples of mindless vandalism are really separate entities so I would go with retag.

  • I bet Nathan can spell “separate”

  • Can he spell piss orf?

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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