Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • Aglet says not so we are with the dude looking at his mobile phone, presumably wondering where the tag is.

  • Barnard Grove E15

    Google maps denies this exists. iphone map does show where it is.

    I guess it is not accessible to cars?

  • Eh? Retags aren't allowed.

    And your pic is mostly of you. We want pics of places, not people. Where's the fun in trying to work out this tag? Do we just search for all green doors with round windows?

    Oh, hang on, it's not you, it's a statue! Sorry.

  • Google maps denies this exists

    It finds it for me. It doesn't add a pin but it puts it in the middle of the screen.

  • The road is unnamed on Google Maps but you can see it if you search with the lat and long, which are 51.5391, 0.0114

  • Well it wouldn't have been from that "clue"!

  • i get this

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  • Just as well I didn't crop the first few letters off then, as I'd originally intended, and let you puzzle it out!

    I went through Barnard Castle on the way up to Scotland last summer and it was a charming enough place. The butcher's did some nice pastries too. A few shops were making the most of Dominic Cummings eye test claim and were selling all sorts of related memorabilia.

    As for Barnard Grove E15, I'm afraid I know little, other than it's not on Google maps.

    I now feel 7üp chose his tyres to send me a little message there! Ah well.

  • I thought the clue was ok. Finding the place after getting the street name was a lot trickier.
    There's a warning out not to exercise in London tomorrow because of pollution. Sounds like a challenge to me.

  • Is it best to exercise early / middle of the day / late in terms of pollution?

    Or is it all the same?

  • I went through Barnard Castle on the way up to Scotland last summer

    Ooo did you see the mechanical swan? It’s a wonder of the age you know! (This is not an obscure tag clue…before EyeTestgate the most notable thing about Barnard Castle was the mechanical swan in the museum.)

  • As I understand it the fumes are building up and will continue to do so until the current high pressure area shifts and some wind blows it away. Assuming the wind doesn't arrive tomorrow then later is worse.

  • Would it break a mechanical mans' arm.

  • You just Google 'barnard grove london' and it comes up. Took me 5 mins at the side of the road (Leabridge road, where I thought Wills tag was).

  • OLD: Old Street Yard. I did see the address in the pic before it was obscured.

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  • NEW: has this been done yet in it's new form? I have back-ups.

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  • I hope I've not broken a rule and people can find this one at their leisure.­ikU

  • Old is a sculpture called Network by Thomas J Price:

    I tagged it maybe 8 years ago in its old location, behind Three Mills in Stratford (where I think a new work of his is placed now).

  • I now feel 7üp chose his tyres to send me a little message there! Ah well

    Never send me to West Ham ever again

  • Anyone need another clue?

  • I don't but it is the kind of place I make special trips to. Although I haven't in yet.

  • Old: Brittania Leisure Centre, Pitfield Street

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  • New

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  • Old: suffrage mural on the Lord Morpeth, Old Ford Rd near Victoria Park

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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