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  • I've been trying to follow it since then, but it's one of those things where you actively have to look for news--it's almost ignored in the mainstream media, undoubtedly in part because of the fog of war. In any event, it is horrible.

  • It's been mostly impossible for journalists to get access to Tigray - even aid agencies have been kicked out.

  • Old: the Blind Beggar, Whitechapel Rd. Notable as the place where George Cornell was murdered by Ronnie Kray, but also as the location of William Booth’s first sermon.

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  • New; has a connection

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  • May be intentional, but note that the postcode's in the picture.

  • Yep, there are plenty of clues in the picture, so no extra ones!

  • I'm intrigued by the connection...

  • It’s really not difficult to Google this

  • Used to go early every saturday when my lad was titchy, once saw Kevin Rowland sat under the inevitable Eastenders’ cast signed photos. Kevin reminded me of russian royalty in exile, somehow. Faded. Also used to see Dave Gorman in there.

    I rather miss Nevio the chatty guy in there (he pitied us when we moved south -‘what dyou wanna go there for?’), and the lanky mod one with the dyed hair who never talks. Nev once saw me come by wearing a garish red beanie with the Pisa football team stuff on it. He hinted that I might not align with the politics of Pisa fans, bless him. I had found the hat, washed it and worn it, and had no clue they are known as a fascist team.

    Cue wiganwill taking the piss out of this drivel…

  • Last time we were there the East End Gangster Tour Bus was outside blaring “That’s Amore” on a loop at bowel-loosening volume; the driver got out shooting fake pistols into the sky, popped into the caff to Nev’s greeting “How the fack are ya mate?!” The seven year old kid sitting across from us with her mum sank into her chair a bit. Still, best cheese-lake lasagne in H*ckney..

  • Their minestrone is really good

  • OLD: Pellicci's. Bethnal Green rd. Home of the Spaghetti Kraybonara. I got there about 2 mins before Rahario so we double tagged.

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  • NEW: living in opposite directions we stayed in the area for our follow up. Not a Kray tag, just a nice building. Clue to follow.

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  • Say Hi to Su for holiday laughs. Or go down under, with the monarch, that would be capital.

  • ^^ 'Mr Mellingstone, I presume?'

    (This is not meant to be a clue.)

  • Let me know if more clues are needed. I know not everyone was around in the 80s.

  • Strong clues (was around in the 80s).

  • Strong clues indeed. I'll be interested to see where this one goes.

  • Su was once spotted by a friend of mine who worked near a few of those colonic clinics, rambling away to her bloke along Harley Street, was overheard saying 'I told you it was cheese!'

  • Had she been eating the best cheese-lake lasagne in H*ckney?

  • I hope @Rahario is ok. I know that meeting me is enough to unsettle the sturdiest soul but...

  • I'm ok @WillMelling nice to meet you in person today.

  • You too.

  • I'm not sure how many working men live here now but there used to be a lot just across the road.

  • Old. Queen Adelaide Dispensary, Pollard Sq, Bethnal Green

    New: on this blustery November day, somewhere between fresh April and warm June

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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