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  • I've been to Bishopsgate and it's the wrong fucking cross. Unless somebody's nicked the railings.

    It's not on Aldgate either.

  • Clue: follow the link from my “old:” posting, substitute cross for bus shelter

  • Ah yes. Very good. Shame i'm out boozing at the opposite end of town.

  • That was one location I looked for a match-up but things have changed too much.

  • Same!

  • Here's my Bishopsgate effort

    The cross is so similar to your one in so many details. Here's a better pic­s/ww1-cross-at-st-botolph-s

  • Interesting that, raised during the war 1916-08-04, was the first one, I wonder how many were made after that template. This then/now transition is fun.

  • There's a bonus challenge here of finding the exact spot in the park of the original painting, the one aglet refers to in the clue. Obviously the buildings aren't there any more but it's just possible to piece it all together from old photos.

  • Old Bryant and May war memorial

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  • Don’t bother clipping in.....
    It’s related to the last tag

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  • I can’t believe this isn’t a retag but I have checked the map and searched the forum

  • Edit: re Grove Hall Park tag (the one with the Bryant and May Cross)

    I was trying to work out where the original painting in the park was from. Luckily there was a very helpful working photo of the old painting. Link

    You can see the pub in the background matches with the Five Bells pub photo and I think this is the corresponding bit of iron fencing on the eastern edge of Grove Hall Park.

    I was in the park when Dibble tagged it, just in a different section!

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  • Grove Hall park, Bow.

  • The relevant picture for the current tag is up for auction tomorrow, estimate £2000-3000.

  • I'm confused again. Which picture do you mean? And do we have a current tag? I thought the Grove Hall Park one had been solved.

  • Will has confused me as well and I set the tag...
    No need to ruddy digitally manipulate my tag

  • Sorry, not trying to be an arse (comes naturally - before anyone else say it) Isn't this the Bryant and May Ltd Employees cross?

  • The old tag was the Bryant&Mays cross, the new one is the statue which also has a connection to Bryant&May

  • OLD: Gladstone, Bow rd.

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  • NEW: clue to follow.

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  • I'd assumed the connection between the previous two was this pic by the same artist from the East London Group as did the other one of Bow rd that I used.

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  • My glamourous assistant

    hah just seen that you tease

  • google reverse image search

    You my friend are missing the point, or I am, as I’d never do that. Where’s the fun in that?

  • Clue for the new one - 81 years ago today over 160 people died there.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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