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  • Thought that was a re-tag but it doesn't seem to be and I'm just confusing lfgss and a long standing east London based blogger.

  • You need to remortgage to spend a night out in Fillybrook.

    It is nice though. It was also a nursery in a former life

  • Named after the buried Fillebrook that once flowed through what's now Wood Street, Leytonstone and Leyton, the Filly Brook does very tasty Hiroshima style okonomiyaki.

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    there's a video about its history there ^

  • That's it. He also speculated whether it stretched further north parallel to Shernhall Street, which is how I found Chas’ tag!

  • Just popped in to post the same link as Oat has done above.

    Filth stream came from here - not sure if it's actually just a malpropism as elsewhere Fille / Philley.­x/Walthamstow/532858bab47fc40a98000a93-S­hern+Hall+Street

  • Let me know if more clues are needed.

  • I was just looking at tags from 8 years ago, back when we were enduring the somnolent horror of table tennis tables, and one clue was a quote of something I'd said about another tag, which I didn't recognise, but oat did. The game really was a lot crappier back then.

  • New Clue.

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    This I believe is what you said, which Polka Dot then quoted as a clue for his table tennis table in Butterfield Green. That bridge you both referred to was just a few meters from where my Brickflats tag was the other day.

  • A striking lack of interest in this tag. Typical of the lumpen proletariat.

  • Old tag: Poplar rates rebellion mural­ates_Rebellion_Mural

    The mural commemorates the Poplar Rates Rebellion of 1921, when Poplar Borough Council, led by former mayor George Lansbury, refused to pay precepts to London County Council, the Metropolitan Police, the Metropolitan Asylums Board and the Metropolitan Water Board, as a protest against the inequity of the system of local rates. Poplar was a poor borough, with a high level of poverty and "outdoor relief" which the council was required to fund for itself under the poor laws.

    The campaign was widely supported by the general public and trades unions, and in due course the councillors were released from prison. Parliament quickly passed the Local Authorities (Financial Provisions) Act 1921 to try to equalise tax burdens between rich and poor boroughs.

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  • New tag: Got my vote.

    (Very surprised this one hasn't been tagged before but it didn't show up on a search.)

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  • Surprised too that that hasn't been tagged.
    George Lansbury was the grandfather of Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame.

  • George Lansbury is also the link between the old and new tags.

    I've got a back up if this turns out to be a retag. That is assuming no one else has been daft enough to go tagging in today's deluge and retagzumps me.

  • Mine was in Hale St, just so Oliver can sleep tonight.

  • Nice try, Will, but what really keeps me awake at night is that G.

  • Old: Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Parliament Square. It’s a bit busy in town today—good weather for the marathon.

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  • New:

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  • I found it surprisingly moving visiting the Millicent Garrett Fawcett statue. In the time I was there, in the rain, three or four other women came to see the statue and take a photograph.

    The artist Gillian Wearing is one of my favourite artists from the Yba group and the subject and treatment fit her very well.

    It's also a damn fine slogan and one I think will be needed again.

  • Going to need a good clue for the new one.

  • Zoom and enhance, and a bit of googling, was enough for me.

  • Not for me it wasn't.

  • It’s connected to the current theme; the tag is the monument

  • Ha! Can't see for looking. I didn't notice what the bikes are leaning on, was squinting at another area.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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